4Chan Identifies Murderous Thug Who Pulled Man From Car, Viciously Beat Him

(Tea Party 247) – In the wake of the latest case of Portland mob violence, a man was pulled from his car and beaten viciously on Sunday night as the city passes its 90th consecutive night of unrest.

After video capturing the horrific incident went viral, many sought to identify those involved.

The message board 4Chan was on the job.

They identified that man who dealt the final kick to the victim after he was assautled by rioters. The Gateway Pundit reports.

The rioters appeared to be attempting to murder the man after beating a white woman who may or may not have been with him.

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, the terrorist mob gathers round the man’s limp body as he bleeds from his head. Voices are heard saying “call 911. Another says a “medic” is there.

While the man laid unconscious, the mob robbed his truck.

The man who ran up and punched the man after he had already suffered a severe beating was been identified as Keese Love, who is listed on Facebook as a ramp agent at Portland International Airport (he also moonlights as a DJ–why is that not surprising?)

His full name is believed to be Marquise Love.