After Going On Tirade, Guess Who Just Got Themselves Suspended From Twitter

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re still thinking that money can buy happiness, just look at all of the Hollywood celebrities who seem to have sacrificed their sanity for a piece of the pie.

Rapper and fashion mogul turned evangelist and presidential candidate, Kanye West, has been suspended from Twitter for posting the phone number of a Forbes editor after he posted images of what he says are pages from his recording contracts with Universal Music Group, asking for “every lawyer in the world” to look at them, as part of a tirade in which he asserted the music industry is modern day slavery.

Breitbart reports:

Twitter banned the Grammy-winning billionaire from tweeting for 12 hours after West went on a tweet storm on Wednesday, which included the rapper posting the phone number of a Forbes editor, as well as him urinating on a Grammy award.

“Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods,” tweeted conservative firebrand Candace Owens on Wednesday. “#FreeKanye.”

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the rapper’s 12-hour suspension, telling Newsweek that “the tweet was removed for posting private information, and the account has been temporarily locked in accordance with our Private Information policy.”

The tweet in question reportedly contained the phone number of a Forbes editor, which violated the Twitter Rules, as posting personal information such as a phone number or home address is considered “doxing.” The report added that West had also urged his followers to call the Forbes editor. The tweet was removed by the social media platform and replaced with a note saying that it had violated the Twitter Rules.

West’s Twitter suspension also follows a multi-day tirade on the platform, in which the rapper compared the music industry and the NBA to a “modern day slave ship,” saying that he will not release any more new music under his current contract.

The rapper also posted a video of himself urinating on a Grammy award amid a battle he is embroiled in with Universal Music Group. “Trust me … I WONT STOP” tweeted West, along with a video that appeared to show the rapper urinating on a Grammy award that was placed inside a toilet.

Despite the fact that Kanye is an outspoken supporter of the President and our First Amendment rights doesn’t mean conservatives should throw their support behind him. West is, after all, running for President, or trying to any ways, against President Trump. This election is far too important for anyone to be stealing votes away from Trump.

That being said, Twitter is the land of censorship for anyone brave enough to challenge the status quo who isn’t a liberal. Should anyone besides those on the left use the platform for anything other than sharing funny cat videos or a picture of last night’s dinner, they run the risk of being banned, censored, or suspended.

There is no telling what rules Twitter will decide to enforce and for when and for whom as they have shown they are clearly not interested in holding everyone to the same standards. It’s time for the American people to collectively dump Twitter.