AG Bill Barr Blasts Hollywood, Silicon Valley For CCP Appeasement And Twitter Immediately Does This

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump has taken a tough stance when it comes to China, a much different approach than his predecessor, Barack Obama, who made a habit of appeasing the Chinese Communist Party. Trump has renounced China’s claim to the South China Sea and moved forward with sanctions punishing Hong Kong officials who work with the CCP to strip Hong Kong of it’s freedoms. Now, Trump’s administration has taken another shot at the Communist Party and their blatant violations of human rights while also weighing a potential travel ban on CCP officials.

The latest rhetorical attack came in the form of a speech delivered by Attorney General Bill Barr who warned about the complicity of Silicon Valley and Hollywood in helping to perpetuate the CCP’s growing influence over and grip on American culture.

Twitter wasted no time at all proving the concerns of the Trump administration as expressed via Bill Barr.

Newswars has the details:

Barr complained that Hollywood has become too willing to kowtow to Beijing, censoring not just versions of movies that are shown in China, but also those that are released in the US.

Many Hollywood films have been “altered one way or another to please the CCP” and many other scripts never see the light of day due to self-censorship. Barr added that it’s tantamount to a “massive propaganda coup”.

He also invoked the memory of Walt Disney, saying the found [sic] would be “ashamed” of what happened to his company.

I suspect Walt Disney would be disheartened to see how the company he founded deals with the foreign dictatorships of our day,” Barr said in a speech at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

As an example, Barr cited “World War Z”, which reportedly contained a scene where the protagonists speculated that the virus originated in China. Examples of this type of censorship have grown increasingly common Barr said.

He also accused the American tech behemoths from Google to Facebook and Twitter of doing the CCP’s bidding.

“Appeasing the PRC may bring short term relief…but in the end, PRC’s goal is to replace you,” Barr warned.

The fundamental character of the regime has never changed…as its ruthless crackdown of Hong Kong shows once again, China is no closer to democracy today than it was in 1989.”

Over the years, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple “have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate” with the Communist Party of China, Barr added.

As if to underscore his point, just as Barr was speaking, one of the NYT reporters who was recently booted out of Beijing by the CCP complained that Twitter had censored one of his tweets about a horrifying forced sterilization campaign in Uygur women.

Another Twitter user purported to find a mistake in the code to which this ‘arbitrary’ censorship might be attributable.

Twitter has yet to acknowledge this issue and they likely never will. They are Chinese shills just like the whole of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It’s no secret and they can’t even deny it, so they just don’t acknowledge when they’re called out for it.