Agitator Owen Jones Tweets: Innocent Information Or Incitement To Criminal Activity? You Decide.

(Tea Party 247) – Twitter continues to expose itself and their absurd double standards. While the President has been censored for allegedly tweeting false information and for “glorifying violence” those on the left are permitted to incite violence, vandalism, and riots unfettered.

Leftist “journalist” and professional agitator, Owen Jones, made several posts on Twitter giving information on a number of statues that he believes should be the next target of the radical left rioters. Tearing down statues, after all, accomplishes so much.

Aside from the fact that it is vandalism and the destruction of property, insinuating that people should partake in this kind of endeavor is an incitement to criminal activity yet Twitter seems to be looking the other way (perhaps to the right).

After an incident in the UK in which a statue of Edward Colston, a slave trader, was torn down by “protestors” over the weekend, Owens took to Twitter to provide some “educational” facts about other statues “protestors” should turn their attention to next.

Whether or not the statue of Edward Colston should have remained standing is a topic for another day, the fact is what happened to the statue was a crime and a result of mob rule. If we just allow this kind of lawlessness nothing will be off limits and once the “protestors” have destroyed all of the “racist” statues they’ll turn to destroying actual people whom they deem “racist.”

Jones quickly defended his tweets as just providing information despite also providing the locations of the statues to which he referred. He knew exactly what he was doing and so did Twitter:

Of course Jones would call for statues to be erected that celebrate leftist “heroes.” Perhaps we should throw up some statues of Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Joseph Stalin while we’re at it since they too are, apparently, heroes of the left. The murders and atrocities carried out by these fascist, communist dictators and “revolutionaries” evidently don’t matter. Moving on…

Jones’ followers quickly rallied to support his incitement to break the law:

Others, however, saw Jones’ posts for exactly what they are and rightfully exposed Twitters’ obvious double standards for exactly what they are:

In response to users suggesting the police should look into Jones posts, Jones responded with his trademark smugness and claimed he was just innocently “stating facts” with his tweets:

He then went on to suggest that trying to remove the statues legally was dead end asking if everyone was going to come together to “proactively” fight to remove the statues:

Not everyone is offended by the statues. It would likely be a safe bet to say most people are not bothered or offended by the statues but leftists won’t be satisfied until they get their way.

He then retweeted an image of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson being thrown in a river along with the statue of Edward Colston:

As Paul Joseph Watson pointed out, that is the logical next step in the escalations to end “racism.”

Others pointed out that Jones doesn’t seem to be moved to identify statues of history’s communist dictators:

Jones is just a typical leftist hypocrite who is driven only by opportunities to virtue signal and toot his own horn. If he can ride on his high horse each day and feel morally superior, he can lay his head down and sleep at night.