Another US County Makes This Absurd Mask Mandate. When Will Enough Be Enough?

(Tea Party 247) – As if facemask mandates weren’t intrusive enough, one county in Florida has passed a mandate that suggests residents wear their facemasks inside their own homes. Yes, you read that right. Every day the absurdity somehow manages to become more absurd.

Authorities in Broward County, Florida passed a coronavirus emergency order which includes text that states that residents are mandated to don the mask inside their homes. This is the same state where over 20 health agencies were just exposed for grossly inflating positive virus case numbers.

We’re talking massive exaggerations where health agencies were reporting 90-100% positive cases when the actual numbers were somewhere between 6-12%. Residents are now supposed to allow the government to dictate what they do in the privacy of their own homes based off of this totally false and inaccurate data. What a joke.

Summit News has more:

County Administrator Bertha Henry issued Emergency Order 20-22, which imposes a curfew from 11pm to 5am while also banning all gatherings of 10 or more people.

However, the text of the order also appears to mandate “facial covering requirements” of people inside their own private property.

Section 4A of the emergency order states the following;

“All persons who reside on any residential property, whether single family or multi-family, and irrespective of whether they own or rent the property, must ensure that all persons on the residential property, including guests, comply with all applicable guidelines of any Broward County Emergency Order, including the facial covering requirements.

“Residents who fail to ensure compliance with all applicable Broward County Emergency Orders by such persons shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Section 8-56 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances, with each person present and in violation of an applicable Emergency Order constituting a separate violation.”

This isn’t the first time authorities have suggested people mask up inside their own homes. In Texas, the head of the Texas Division of Emergency Management made that very suggestion earlier this month during an interview on Fox News at Nine. The suggestion that residents in Texas wear masks was, however, just that, a suggestion. The order in Florida seems to be backed by law.

People around the country have been taking it upon themselves to act as coronavirus rules enforcement officers as they go around seeking out neighbors and random strangers to chastise for not complying. Some people have even gone as far as to call 911 to report neighbors for coughing or sneezing inside their own homes.

Now, will residents in Florida be spying in each other’s windows to make sure their neighbors are complying with the latest coronavirus mandate? In passing the emergency order, authorities reminded residents that they can call 311 if they see anyone violating the rules.

The government has established a nanny state and done it using citizens who are too unwilling to think for themselves. The people of Florida can’t possibly still believe this is all about a virus. This is 100% government overreach and no one should ever be required to wear a mask in their own home.