As Crime Rises 130% In NYC, de Blasio Cares More About Virtue Signaling Than Keeping The City Safe

(Tea Party 247) – It was bad enough that shameless New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio prioritize the painting of a massive “Black Lives Matter” mural outside Trump Tower when his citizens are being victimized by criminals that he is letting out of jail.

The absurd publicity stunt on its own, which cost the taxpayers as he calls to defund the police department and millions of New Yorkers suffer under the lasting effects of coronavirus lockdown, was shameful.

The fact that his precious mural just got vandalized and he rushed to fix it–as crime reigns his sitting, taking the life of a 1-year-old baby in Brooklyn over the weekend–is flat-out sickening.

De Blasio was subject to a massive backlash for this infuriating move after it was discovered that a vandal had poured red paint over part of the lettering of the Fifth Avenue mural.

The mayor swiftly sent a sizable crew of Department of Transportation workers to quickly repair the damage. He also called out “whoever vandalized” the mural in a tweet boasting about how quickly it was fixed, BizPac Review reports.

“The #BlackLivesMatter movement is more than words, and it can’t be undone,” de Blasio wrote hours after the incident occurred.

This is notably faster than he has responded to the deadly violence plaguing his city.

“Ok but what about all the vandalism of our city. Who did that?” Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo asked the mayor.

On Monday, a man wearing a mask poured a can of red paint over part of the “Black Lives Matter” mural which was installed last week.

“I just couldn’t believe he did it in front of me and another person. It was clear we were videotaping and he just didn’t care,” Nikki Rospond, another woman who caught the incident on video, told NBC News New York. “Thankfully this was just paint and nothing violent.”

The New York City Police are reportedly investigating, and no arrests have yet to be made.

Now, the law should be applied fairly to every individual in NYC and everywhere else in a free and civil society.

But just imagine–how much would you want to investigate this incident of vandalism when de Blasio, who has been distinctly antagonistic towards the police force and openly supportive of the Black Lives Matter protests and riots which caused millions in damage in his fair city, cares more about his little virtue-signaling mural than helping NYPD do their jobs?

BPR notes that in California last week, a couple that painted over a Black Lives Matter mural was charged with a hate crime while “scores of looters and vandals who destroyed property in violent protests have still not been arrested.”

Twitter users were quick to point out that the crew sent to fix the mural seemed excessively manned.

Earlier this month, Trump slammed the mural as a “symbol of hate,” slamming the mayor of his hometown for calling for the NYPD to be defunded while paying for the mural.

He wasn’t alone:

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