Austin Police Have Chilling Warning About What Antifa Terrorists May Be Planning Downtown

(Tea Party 247) – According to internal Austin Police documents, militant Antifa and Black Lives Matter members are planning a siege in downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday using heavy weapons, roadblocks, and even snipers in an attempt to establish their own “autonomous zone.”

Infowars reports:

Our sources inside the APD have asked us not to publish the documents because it would lead back to them, but they are voluminous and detailed, and we have cross-checked the information and confirmed it to be accurate.

The intelligence reports are meticulously linked to the source postings by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in their public and private Facebook groups and on other internet postings.

According to the documents, a leftist “patriot militia organization” called the Texas State Guerrillas (TXG-M) may be mobilizing for the purpose of spearheading Saturday’s protest called, “March to Amplify Black Voices and Defund the Police.”

“The Texas State Guerrillas Militia has engaged in pre-operational planning for their activities dubbed Operation Gridlock, and intends to use gun trucks, medics, riflemen, navigators, and ground teams to scan for and eliminate threats,” the document states.

The group also “advises that their main purpose is to deny non-affiliated cars access to the crowd to ensure crowd safety, which may include blocking intersections.”

The APD documents also describe an individual who made a large purchase of hammers, hard hats, and megaphones at Harbor Freight Tools on July 29 in preparation for this event, and the subject “inquired if the hammers were strong enough to break car windows.”

The subject also asked about parking cones without a hole top to smother and contain police tear gas.

The internal documents also alarmingly explain how Antifa is planning to launch sniper attacks on police or anybody else who interferes with their downtown takeover.

“Info has been received that various members may be setting up overwatch/sniper positions in downtown area,” the document reportedly reads, and adds that Antifa plans to deploy “Five subjects/snipers at each location, with climbing gear (grappling hooks, ropes etc) needed to reach rooftops if necessary.”

A memo that corroborates the intelligence received by Infowars issued by East Austin housing provider Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation on Friday, warned tenants that Antifa was being bussed in from other cities and positioning snipers on nearby rooftoops.

“Austin Police have informed some managers of apartments and condos near I-35 that people are coming to Austin tomorrow may be armed and have plans to get on top of buildings along I-35 frontage road,” the memo says.

“Please be vigilant. Report any suspicious persons in our building to Austin Police. Pay special attention to the top floor and make a point of looking at the roof of our building.”

A former APD officer also told Infowars that the department’s explosive ordinance disposal unit was recently dispatched and located explosives in a room. The source noted that they had expected an attack on APD headquarters with explosives as part of this militant operation, similar to the one used in Seattle last week which injured 21 officers.

These people may seem like vanilla soy boys who don’t know how to hold a rifle, but remember who is behind them. They’ve got wealthy donors and sinister Deep State characters in their ring. They are an organized, militant terrorist organization that ought to be treated as such.

Who will stand up for them?