Biden Panics When Cornered, Can’t Name A Single Group Of This Kind That Supports Him

(Tea Party 247) – While the mainstream pundits are in a tizzy over President Donald Trump’s assertive debate performance on Tuesday night, many are ignoring the fact that, despite all Trump’s lack of decorum, former Vice President Joe Biden was not only just as disrespectful, but he did a terrible job defending himself, his career, and his platform.

Biden may have scraped together enough canned responses to give the impression that he hasn’t lost all his marbles, to everyone’s surprise…but his corruption, his lack of transparency, and his obvious intention to let the radicals run the show when he’s in power were on full display.

One such moment was when Biden, when pressed, couldn’t name a single law enforcement group or agency that has offered him their endorsement during the election.

This comes, of course, after months of silence and inaction on the widespread violence and riots that have been breaking out in a number of major American cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Plenty of law enforcement groups have endorsed the president for re-election, including the two largest unions in the U.S., the International Union of Police Associations and New York City Police Benevolent Associations.

Trump has also, for the entirety of his time in politics, has been clear that he supports law enforcement and believes in law and order.

Trump was quick to point this out.

“He has no law enforcement support,” Trump said.

“Who do you have? Name one group that supports you,” he said to Biden.

“Name one group that came out and supported you,” he pressed.

As Trump continued to press him, Biden looked in the camera and encouraged viewers to get out there and “vote.”

For what, exactly? Weakness on rioters and criminals while repeating the same talking points as the violent mobs?

Biden then remained silent while Trump continued to press Biden on his support from law enforcement.

Moderator Chris Wallace eventually interrupted him.