Black Trump Supporter Destroys Angry Activists Ahead Of Tulsa Rally

(Tea Party 247) – The left would like to have you believe, like the racists that they are, that all black people just fall at their feet and thank the Democrats for rescuing their people from the oppression that is the Republican Party’s longtime stranglehold on their rights and liberty.

Of course, they’re really hoping you don’t know the history of their own party.

While black conservatives are far from being unicorns, they are often the recipient of some virulent racism from black leftists who can’t swallow a red pill themselves.

BizPac Review reports:

The brouhaha erupted yesterday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a group of Trump supporters lined up outside the arena — a day before the president’s first rally in months.

A black man drives up in a car and yells out to the black Trump supporter: “How you voting for Trump?”

The Trump supporter replies: “Hell yeah! Straight from Chicago. [I’m supporting] Donald Trump. All Trump!”

The leftist in the car reacts by calling the black Trump supporter a “house n***er.”

The Trump supporter calmly responds: “I’m too educated to be a house n***er. I’ve never been on a plantation, brother. Have you?”

The leftist then basically tells the Trump supporter to shut up.

The Trump supporter replies: “You’re not gonna make me shut up, brother.”

The leftist then calls the black Trump supporter the homophobic insult “f*ggot” before driving off.

And this right here, folks, is exactly why you do not judge people by the color of their skin.

There are black leftists and there are white leftists, and every single individual on this earth has the intellectual freedom to define their own ideology.

Many black Americans have come to recognize that President Trump has always had their best interest in mind far more than the Democrats, who view them as nothing more than token voters on the black plantation, as he fights for all Americans to be free, prosperous, and great.

Trump supporter Damani Felder recently destroyed the Democratic Party for their decades of failing black Americans.

“To the feckless, hypocritical, virtue-signaling Democrat leaders of America: You took the time to kneel for George Floyd so you could pretend to care about black people,” Felder said. “But I know the truth. So allow me to call you on the carpet for your many failures to the black community that you refuse to acknowledge.”

Felder continued: “How about kneeling to acknowledge that the worst riots and the worst instances of police brutality in the United States are in your cities, and your cities alone. You are the common denominator. How about kneeling to apologize for some of the lowest minority literacy and graduation rates? Or that the highest single-motherhood, abortion and black-on-black crime rates are in districts that you represent?”

Felder added: “How about kneeling for the millions of black children who never had a chance to live because your friends at Planned Parenthood butchered them before they were born? How about kneeling for the untold numbers of my ancestors who were lynched by your former counterparts in the KKK for simply daring to ask to be treated as equals? They didn’t get justice.”

She explained: “By kneeling and apologizing for your white privilege, you [Democrats] still don’t treat us as equals. You feel like you have to apologize for your privilege because deep down inside, you still think you’re better than us. If you had held your friend Amy Klobuchar accountable for not prosecuting Derek Chauvin when she had the chance to — after he had 10 complaints filed against him in his 19 years with the Minneapolis police force — maybe George Floyd would still be alive.”

“If you [Democrats] had to take a knee for every black life that was lost due to your failed leadership, you would be on your knees forever. The only black lives that matter to you are those that fit your agenda. You know it. I know it. And the world knows it too,” Felder continued.

She then dug into the long history of oppressing blacks by opposing slavery and resisting civil rights laws that the Republican Party secured for black Americans.

“Your party is the one who filibustered to prevent the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” Damani pointed out. “Your party is the one that had only 23% support for the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. And had zero support for the 14th Amendment, which granted citizenship to freed slaves. And also zero support for the 15th Amendment, which gave us the right to vote. The policies that you have implemented have been the knees on the necks of my people for centuries.”

She concluded with a bombshell. “If you think you can tear down statues and rename buildings to hide your sordid history from everyone, you got another thing coming.”