Blagojevich Recent Comments About The Democratic Party Couldn’t Be More Spot On; Here’s What He Said

(Tea Party 247) – Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor and congressman, recently had a sit down interview with the folks over at Newsmax in which he shared his thoughts on the current state of the Democratic Party, and what he had to say is probably going to make a lot of folks very unhappy.

Blagojevich stated that the Democratic Party he grew up with isn’t the same one he witnessed on the opening night of the Democratic Party Convention Monday evening, saying it’s not a party that truly reflects the American middle class anymore.

Folks, this is the hard, hard truth. Once upon a time, the Democratic Party wasn’t as nearly hard left as it is now, and believe it or not, there were still some serious shared values between the two parties. Due to the shift toward socialism, the left has destroyed all of that.

Via Newsmax:

“I was away for a long time sheltering in place for eight years,” Blagojevich told Newsmax TV. “And I learned a couple of things, like when that happened, the world keeps spinning around. They take you out of the world it doesn’t stop. And things change.

“And boy, I’ll tell you, I didn’t recognize the Democratic Party I was once a member of,” he added on “Spicer & Co.”

The eight years Blagojevich referenced was his conviction on wire and mail fraud charges for soliciting bribes for the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama when he became president. His sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump earlier this year.

Blagojevich said what he witnessed Monday night illustrated to him that the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party has seized control and doesn’t represent what he remembered were the driving motivations.

“I still consider myself a Democrat, but the Democrats of the John F. Kennedy mold, not the Democrats of the Bernie Sanders mold,” he said. “The ideological soul of the party is now Bernie Sanders and socialism.

“That’s not a Democratic Party I grew up in. That’s not a Democratic Party that really represents the middle class and the vast majority of hard-working people who want to be able to have a chance to get ahead.”

Interestingly, Blagojevich called himself a “Trumpocrat” during the interview and came out strong against socialism, saying it is a “philosophy of failure and a gospel of envy.”

Again, right on the money. This system of thought has been tried over and over again. It doesn’t work. It defies the laws of reality, therefore, it’s pure and utter nonsense and can never, ever work. Socialism leads to despair, enslavement, and ultimately, death.

“The Republican Party is not the Republican Party that I knew when I left home eight years ago,” he said. “It’s very different. (Trump) is speaking to constituencies that I used to represent as a Democratic congressman and Democratic governor, working people.“

And that right there is why Trump won the presidency in 2016. He speaks the language of the common man. He understands the struggle of the middle class. You wouldn’t think this would be true of a billionaire, but Trump is a whole different kind of rich person. He’s more comfortable and at home with individuals from the working class than those in the upper echelon.

If the left would grasp this and retool their approach to people, they would be able to make more in-road with folks they are trying to reach. But it’s all about power for them. They aren’t interested in helping people, thus they continue to lose.