Boom! Kamala Harris Gets Smug With Mike Pence; Pence Puts Her Back In Her Place

(Tea Party 247) – Lots of people in America ignore the vice presidential debates because, well, what’s the point of watching them? The president is the one who has the agenda that will be pushed by the administration, not the vice president. We pretty much know that the purpose of the vice presidential debates is to cheerlead for your running mate.

However, the 2020 presidential election is not like any other that has come before it. In fact, the stakes are so high this time around that people actually decided to tune in and check out the showdown between Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris to see if there would be any fireworks.

And while it was much more subdued than the previous debate between Trump and Biden, things still got a little fiery at times.

Harris spent the majority of the evening proving to the American people how unlikable she is by making faces and sneering all night, while Pence destroyed her over and over with facts and a calm demeanor.

At one point in the debate, things got real heated and Pence showed that he, too, is a fighter.

Via Gateway Pundit:

At one point in the debate Kamala Harris aggressively attacked VP Pence saying, “I’m talking! I’m talking.”

VP Pence responded to Kamala saying, “Then tell the truth.”

That’s a great line. Pence really held her feet to the fire the whole debate, clearly making him the victor in the event.

However, that didn’t stop the mainstream media from trying to lie through their teeth about Pence and the outcome of the debate.

Check out this ridiculous “fact check” from the most biased left-leaning network in existence, CNN:

Pence: Trump ‘always’ truthful on Covid

Pence claimed that the Trump White House has “always” told the truth about Covid-19.

“Let’s talk about respecting the American people. You respect the American people when you tell them the truth,” Harris said. Pence then interjected, “Which we’ve always done.”

Facts First: That’s false. The Trump administration has not “always” been truthful about the pandemic.

CNN’s fact-check reporter Daniel Dale called this “a whopper of a lie.” That’s because Trump has made hundreds of false claims during the pandemic, including false claims about his travel restrictions, Covid-19 testing, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, the national stockpile of ventilators, and more. In recent weeks, Trump even lied about lying about the virus.

Trump has also admitted, in a series of interviews with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, that he concealed the true threat of the coronavirus from the American public earlier this year. Trump said, “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

Pence: Amy Coney Barrett nomination event held outdoors

Pence said the event announcing Judge Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was an “outdoor event.”

“That Rose Garden event, there’s been a great deal of speculation about it. My wife Karen and I were there and honored to be there,” he said. “Many of the people who were at that event, Susan, actually were tested for coronavirus, and it was an outdoor event, which all of our scientists regularly and routinely advise.”

Facts First: Pence’s answer is misleading because, while part of September 26’s events were held in the Rose Garden, there were also smaller, private gatherings inside the White House that did not include the mask-wearing or social distancing that public health experts have advised is essential to stopping the spread of the virus.

Before heading to the Rose Garden, some attendees gathered inside the White House reception rooms, where there were hugs and handshakes. Afterward, dozens of attendees gathered inside the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room and the adjoining hallway. The reception lasted between 30 and 45 minutes, one source with knowledge of the event told CNN. CNN was told the attendees did not wear masks. Pictures of the event taken by New York Times photographer Doug Mills and White House photographer Andrea Hanks show no social distancing, with some people talking very closely together. One image shows first lady Melania Trump, Barrett and her family posing shoulder-to-shoulder and directly behind Trump in the Oval Office.

Attendees were tested on arrival, but some have since tested positive. Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina — who sat three seats apart in the second row during the outdoor ceremony, separated by other senators — each said on Friday that they had tested positive. The President’s former counselor, Kellyanne Conway, who was seated directly behind the first lady at the event, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie also have said they tested positive after the event. The president of the University of Notre Dame, where Barrett teaches, was also diagnosed with coronavirus. He sat three seats away from Conway — right behind the nominee’s young children.

The night was definitely a win for Pence and not only helps the Trump campaign, but signals that later on down the road, Pence himself might be a viable candidate for the White House should he choose to go down that path.