Boston’s Democrat Mayor Not Only Supports Removing Lincoln Statue…He Opposes Changing The Name Of This Historic Site Linked To Slavery

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats sure have their priorities twisted.

And that’s putting in lightly.

Democrat Mayor Marty Walsh (D) not only supports removing the statue of Abraham Lincon that has stood in his city for over a century…but he opposes renaming Faneuil Hall, which is named for a slave owner and on the site of a slave market.


Of all American sites to rename, a place where living, breathing, human beings were bought and sold on the open market makes the most sense.

Whereas Lincon freed the slaves!

Breitbart notes that, as they have reported:

…left-wing activists are trying to have a statue of Abraham Lincoln removed from Park Square after nearly 150 years because they find the depiction of an emancipated slave in the sculpture to be offensive.

The statue has stood there since 1879 and is a replica of an original statue built with funds contributed by freed slaves.

Mayor Walsh’s office told the Boston Globe last week that he favors removing the Lincoln statue and replacing it with “one that recognizes equality.”

However, Mayor Walsh has opposed renaming Faneuil Hall, a major tourist attraction in downtown Boston, declaring last week: “The Mayor is always open to having a conversation, but he remains opposed to changing the name of Faneuil Hall.”

In 2018 NPR reported: “The building has been a meeting place for revolutionaries and abolitionists. Frederick Douglass spoke here. But it’s also a relic of the slave trade in Boston. Peter Faneuil was a merchant who made money off slavery and owned slaves himself. Slaves were bought and sold right next to what is now Faneuil Hall.”

Mayor Walsh had, at the time, favored a “memorial” to slavery on the site instead.

The artist who proposed the memorial, however, Steve Locke, withdrew his proposal and claimed that he had been falsely accused of being “the ‘house negro’ pawn of a white mayor.”

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