Boy Scout’s Founder “May Have” Been A “Racist.” Can You Guess What Happens To His Statue Now?

(Tea Party 247) – The leftist outrage culture has officially taken over. While we expect enraged, unhinged mobs to deface and tear down statues it’s a totally different thing when civilized organizations kowtow to the left’s demands for statues of accomplished historical figures to be removed.

The good these historical figures have accomplished is nothing if they are even so much as suspected to possibly have had “racist” views. Forget actual recorded actions, forget the good that has come from their actions, if a historical figure maybe, might have been even just a little “racist” their statue needs to come down, pronto.

A local authority in southern England is giving way to leftist demands such as this as they consider the removal of a statue of Robert Baden-Powell. Baden-Powell is most well-known as the founder of the Boy Scouts but those on the left believe he was possibly a racist and therefore his statue is offensive.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter that the Boy Scouts have made deliberate efforts over the past two decades to reach inner-city, underprivileged boys, especially boys of color, to give them tools and resources to improve their lives and communities. Baden-Powell was maybe, possibly a racist and therefore he is now condemned and hated by the left.

NewsMax reports:

Poole council said the statue of Baden-Powell, a British Boer War hero, would be moved from its location on the quay of the seaside town to storage on Thursday while there were discussions with local communities about its future.

“Whilst famed for the creation of the Scouts, we also recognize that there are some aspects of Robert Baden-Powell’s life that are considered less worthy of commemoration,” council leader Vikki Slade said.

Baden-Powell is widely hailed for setting up the scout movement which boasts 54 million members worldwide. In a poll in 2007, he was voted the 13th most influential person in the United Kingdom in the 20th century. But critics say he held racist views and was a supporter of Adolf Hitler and fascism.

His statue, which was erected just over a decade ago, currently looks across the harbor to Brownsea Island where he started the scout movement in 1907.

A spokesman for the Scouts said the organization was looking forward to discussing the matter with the council “to make an informed decision on what happens next.”

“The Scout movement is resolute in its commitment to inclusion and diversity and members continually reflect and challenge ourselves in how we live our values,” he said.

The Scout “movement” wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Robert Baden-Powell but no matter, he may or may not have supported Adolf Hitler. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Enough is enough already. Why are we kowtowing to the demands of these radical leftists? No matter how much we concede and give up, it will never be enough. They don’t want “equality,” they want control. They don’t want freedom from “oppression,” they literally want to oppress. They claim white people are racist simply because they are white but in that very assumption they are the ones being racist.

When are we going to wake up here and put an end to this dangerous charade?

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