Brazilian President Just Delivered Excellent News About His Health; Haters Of Hydroxychloroquine Will Not Be Pleased

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro revealed that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. This is a man who, in the middle of this “vicious” pandemic had the intestinal fortitude to actually encourage his people to keep the economy going regardless of the spread of the illness.

That, my friends, is pretty crazy. You can almost hear all of the brain dead statist folks in America ready to send this man to the gallows for daring to not use the situation as a means of usurping more power and control over the individuals in his country.

After all, that’s what this whole mess is really about. Taking power from the people.

Well, Bolsonaro recently gave an update on his health and it’s great news.

Check out the details from Gateway Pundit:

Jair Bolsonaro: “We have two problems that cannot be dissociated: the virus and unemployment. Both should be treated responsibly. But if the remedy is too much the side effect will be much more disastrous.”

NBC News reported:

Confirming to reporters Tuesday that he had the virus, Bolsonaro stepped back away from the television crews and removed his mask in an effort to show that he is well.

He also compared the virus to a rain that will fall on most people, and that some, like the elderly, must take greater care, according to The AP.

“You can’t just talk about the consequences of the virus that you have to worry about. Life goes on. Brazil needs to produce. You need to get the economy in gear,″ he said,

President Bolsonaro also said he was taking hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to combat the virus.

On Wednesday President Bolsonaro shared some excellent news and took a swipe at his socialist critics by tweeting out that he is doing very well with the hydroxychloroquine treatment.

President Bolsonaro: To those who cheer against Hydroxychloroquine, but do not have alternatives, I regret to inform you that I am very well with its use and, with the grace of God, I will live for a long time to come.

If you listen closely, very, very closely, you can hear the sounds of statist drones ready to pull their hair out at the mention of hydroxychloroquine. There’s little doubt in my mind, that since President Trump hailed this drug on numerous occasions, along with other medical professionals who used it to treat coronavirus successfully, leftists are hoping, praying for the medication not to work or to give people side effects.

This is how much they hate the president. Rather than cheering that folks would be getting better over illnesses and that this drug is a great treatment for it, they would rather it fail so the president would fail. Horrific, right?

But you know who doesn’t hate the president? Bolsonaro.

President Jair Bolsonaro also congratulated President Trump on Independence Day on his historic speech to the American people.

As if the left didn’t have enough reasons to hate this guy, he goes and acts civil and professional with President Trump, all but sealing his fate amongst the ignorant American populace brainwashed by the propaganda flooding out of the mainstream media.

Kudos to President Bolsonaro. Here’s to continued good health.