Breaking: Creator Of “Dilbert” Cartoon Disavows Trump; But Then Dems Flood Him With Hate And Now He’s Doing This

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re a creative person working some form of art or entertainment and you support President Donald Trump, coming out and being open about your backing of the president might possibly result in the loss of your career and a whole slew of hate mail. This is why so many right-leaning celebrities keep their opinions to themselves, enabling them to continue working and making a living, though they aren’t able to politically express themselves like their liberal counterparts who seem to have completely and totally taken over the entertainment business.

A good example of this madness is Scott Adams, the creator of the hugely popular cartoon strip, “Dilbert.” Adams has once again decided to come out in support of President Trump on Thursday after first rejecting him due to a widely debunked conspiracy theory involving comments the president made at Charlottesville.

Adams cited the moment that Joe Biden brought up the subject of disavowing white supremacy being the perfect opportunity for Trump to set the record straight on where he stood on this subject, but that he botched it all in the end, and thus lost his vote.

“I thought, it’s so obvious what you should say in this situation, and then he just didn’t,” the cartoonist said. “I thought to myself, I really feel abused, honestly. I took it personally. That wasn’t politics anymore. That wasn’t politics anymore. That was me personally, and I feel like he screwed me — personally.

“And then I had to sit there, stewing in that, and that white nationalist, white supremacist question comes up, and he botched it,” Adams continued. “It was a layup. It was free money sitting on the f**king table, and he left it there.

“And he left me on that table too, just exposed,” he added.

“So, he lost my vote. He lost my vote. Can he get it back? Yeah, all he’d have to do is fix that. How hard is it to fix it? Well, apparently it’s pretty f**cking hard for him because he’s taken three years since Charlottesville, and he hasn’t f**king fixed it yet. Easiest f**king thing he could ever fix,” Adams ranted.

Via BizPacReview:

Not long after, however, Adams took to Twitter to reverse course, citing Democrat “hate.”

In the exchange in question with Wallace, Trump responded, “sure,” when initially asked by Wallace if he was “willing to condemn” white supremacists and “militia groups.”

“Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups…” Wallace began.

“Sure, sure,” Trump interjected.

“And to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha (Wisconsin) and as we’ve seen in Portland?” Wallace continued.

“Sure, I’m willing to do that,” Trump said, as Wallace interrupted.

“Well, go ahead sir,” said the moderator.

“I would say that almost everything I see is from the left-wing, not the right-wing,” the president insisted. “I’m willing to do anything. I wanna see peace.”

“Then do it,” Wallace pressed.

“Do it, say it,” Biden interjected — though he, earlier, refused to specifically condemn Antifa and Black Lives Matter for their violence.

Trump paused. “You wanna call ‘em…what do you wanna call ‘em? Give me a name, give me a name,” he asked Wallace. “Who would you like me to condemn?”

“White supremacists?” Wallace offered.

“Proud Boys,” Biden said.

“Proud Boys? Stand back, and stand by,” the president said, obviously at a moment in the exchange when the topic was restoring peace and order in cities where violence has been commonplace in recent months.

For the record, Biden’s claims that Trump has never condemned white supremacy are false, as noted by

What really chaps the rear end raw is how an actual white supremacist, Richard Spencer, has repeatedly embraced and endorsed Joe Biden for president, yet no one seems to be batting an eye over it. Why aren’t calls going out for Biden to condemn Spencer and his ilk?

Because there is one standard for Trump, and another for all of the left-wing Democrats out there. Plain and simple. It’s hypocrisy at its finest. If you press a liberal to give you an actual reason why they hated the president, they’ll say he’s a racist, but be totally unable to produce any evidence to back up their claim.

These folks are insufferable.