Breaking: Disabled GOP Congressional Candidate Has Home Vandalized. The Reason Why Will Make You Sick

(Tea Party 247) – The left would have you believe that the nation is currently crawling with violent, right-wing terrorists, clad in MAGA hats and KKK robes, lashing out at minorities or the LGBT at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile, they completely ignore the far more frequent incidents of left-wing violence.

Especially now that it’s reached a new low.

Wheelchair-bound GOP Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, one of the party’s rising stars, recently had his home vandalized by far-left extremists.

Ironically, Cawthorn’s memorable RNC speech targeted the tendency of leftists to lash out with abuse and even violence against those who simply disagree with them.

In this case, it appears to have been a self-fulfilling prophecy as well as a stirring testament to the importance of free speech and open discourse.

“At 4:55am last morning, activists from far-left fringe Antifa groups acted on the aggressive rhetoric of my opponent and committed gross acts of vandalism and destruction of property across this district,” the South Carolina congressional candidate wrote in a Facebook post published Saturday afternoon.

“My opponent’s strike force inflicted thousands of dollars of damage to both public and private property. The Henderson County GOP office, which was defaced with graffiti, many businesses, and local homes who displayed support for both my candidacy and other Republicans were attacked and their signs defaced.”

He also revealed that the vandals had “spray-painted threats of violence and echoed my opponent’s words, as they symbolically crushed my neck and head on each sign deposited on my property.”

Posted by Madison Cawthorn for Congress on Saturday, October 10, 2020

This comes just one week after Moe Davis, his Democrat opponent, described Hawthorn as his “nazi-cozy misogynistic opponent.”

BizPac Review notes that “This line of attack was nothing new for Davis, a far-left zealot who’s spent weeks, months and years smearing anyone to the right of Karl Marx.”

They share several recent examples:

(As you can see he’s terribly articulate)

Cawthorn was not exaggerating when he noted his opponent’s violent language:

I rest my case.