Breaking: Facebook, Twitter Take Further Steps To Censor New York Post After Bombshell Hunter Biden Story

(Tea Party 247) – The internet has been abuzz in the wake of a shocking, seemingly coordinated decision on the part of Twitter and Facebook to censor a New York Post bombshell report on Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The report revealed emails that contradicted claims on the part of the elder Biden that he had “never” discussed business with his son, Hunter.

Emails obtained by the Post reveal that Hunter, in fact, coordinated a meeting between his father, Vice President at the time, and one of his associates at Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma Holdings, where he was earning millions while sitting on the board, with no expertise whatsoever.

Oh, but his father was heading up the Obama admin’s foreign policy with Ukraine at the time, and Burisma just so happened to be under investigation by the government of Ukraine.

Something for which Burisma appealed to the U.S. State Department for help, name dropping Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden would also go on to brag after he left office that he threatened to withhold millions in aid from Ukraine if they did not fire their top prosecutor…who just happened to be investigating Burisma.

This is a huge story…but Facebook and Twitter decided to censor it before it had even been-fact checked.

They absolutely can’t ever claim again to be unbiased, as they’ve been trying to claim for years.

They are literally election meddling.

There’s no question.

But this wasn’t all. Not only did they block users from sharing the link to the explosive New York Post story, but they locked the outlet out of their own account!

They’re accusing the New York Post of the “distribution of hacked material,” something over which they would certainly not have an issue if it was even complete and utter hearsay about Trump, no question.

The Post Millennial notes that they had just last month reported that Carlos Monje left his position as Twitter’s director of public policy to join the Biden transition team.

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