Breaking: Twitter Refuses To Answer This Key Question About Scully “Hack” Claim

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re a public figure, it is no doubt no small thing to have your Twitter account hacked.

If your on-air teleprompter gets hacked, for example, no doubt your producers and management would want to know immediately who was behind the hack.

So if a man set to moderate the second presidential debate in perhaps the most important election of our nation’s history finds his Twitter account “hacked” by people who apparently want to give the impression that he’s biased…you’d think that Twitter would care…right?

If they do, they’re not letting us know.

Twitter Big Cheese is declining to comment on whether C-SPAN reporter Steve Scully’s Twitter account is under investigation, as is claimed by the Presidential Debates Commission.

“Steve Scully notified us that his Twitter account was hacked. CPD reported the apparent hack to the FBI and Twitter, and we understand that the federal authorities and Twitter are looking into the issue,” the CPD said on its official Twitter account.

In response to an email from Breitbart News, Twitter officially declined to comment on the existence of such an investigation.

Scully, who once interned for Biden, was nonetheless set to…moderate the second debate between Trump and Biden that has since been canceled, had sent a public message to one-time White House press secretary and now-Never Trumper Anthony Scaramucci, asking if he should respond to Trump’s allegation of the moderator having a pro-Biden bias.

“@Scaramucci should I respond to trump,” Scully’s “hackers” tweeted to “The Mooch.”

“Ignore. He is having a hard enough time,” Scarmucci had replied.

A moderator seeking advice from someone literally heading up a PAC to prevent the re-election of one of the candidates is concerning enough on his own.

The moderator claiming his account was “hacked” is completely troubling.

Now, the social network on which the “hack” took place refusing to clarify if they’re looking into it?


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