Burger King Panders To LGBT For Pride Month With This Obnoxious Gesture But Look Who’s Offended

(Tea Party 247) – The world is literally falling apart around us. The coronavirus scamdemic has upended life as we know it and it doesn’t look like the madness is going to end anytime soon. Our economy has crashed and unconstitutional decrees have become the rule of the land.

Many major American cities are being destroyed by raging domestic terrorist Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs. Our history is being desecrated right before our eyes all in the supposed names of “justice” and “equality.” America is being destroyed from the inside out.

Yet, still, the show must go on and it’s pride month.

In celebration of pride month (since we are all in the celebratory mood) Burger King has altered its’ name and logo in several Hispanic markets to depict a Burger “Queer” wearing a “rainbow” crown.

Natural News has more:

Similar to what McDonald’s did with its black trans propaganda campaign aimed at Americans, Burger King’s Latino division joined up with an on-demand delivery service known as Rappi to push the LGBTQ propaganda south of the border.

The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages were both changed to reflect the new photo, which prominently features “rainbow” imagery and other “queer” themes. Burger King’s French fries and sandwich boxes were also redesigned to reflect the ‘pride’ motif.

“Let’s celebrate love, because we are all the same inside,” the company announced in one of its tweets.

Customers who purchase a combo meal at Burger King Mexico will reportedly be given free pride crowns with their orders, as well as “a special surprise.” What that “special surprise” might be remains unknown.

“Is this a joke?” asked one Facebook user, confused by the changes.

“Better go to Carl’s Jr.” instead, wrote another.

This is, however, 2020 and even when trying to celebrate and “honor” a particular group of people, you are likely to actually offend them. Natural News reports that some who identify as LGBT have, in fact, been offended by Burger King’s pandering and their use of the word “queer” claiming the word has been “re-appropriated.” Oh brother.

The word queer apparently became part of the LGBTQ lexicon after the 1969 Stonewall Riots, where activists chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” But the word “queer” apparently makes some LGBTQs feel uncomfortable, which has led to some backlash for Burger King.

Since Corporate America has decided to get involved in politics instead of just doing business, it has become a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. Due to the fact that they have brought the entire situation on themselves, since they could choose to remain impartial, unbiased, and bi-partisan, we can’t help but be utterly amused when their disgusting pandering to special, fringe interests groups backfires.

You can’t possibly please these people without offending them. Our outrage culture has made that literally impossible. Now, words themselves are offensive no matter their actual meaning. Everybody is looking to create the next controversy.

It’s really time for Americans to take their money to businesses who are committed to simply doing business rather than supporting hot-button political movements that are sure to alienate a major chunk of their customer base.

If we ever hope to see actual change in America, we need to start using our wallets to make it happen.

Featured image credit: Mike Mozart – flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/14303984071