California Governor Newsom Is Taking Mask Mandate To Absurd Levels; You Just Have To See This To Believe It

(Tea Party 247) – If you thought that California Gov. Gavin Newsom had lost his marbles before with all of the tyrannical restrictions he’s enforced on his citizens in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you’ve not seen anything yet.

Newsom has decided to see just how far off the reservation he can really go before people will stop obeying these ridiculous orders and mandates. Unfortunately, you’ll probably still see compliance with this nonsense from those who are brainwashed to be submissive to the nanny state.

Apparently, Newsom is asking citizens to wear their face masks “in between bites” when they visit local restaurants.

This is truly insane.

Via Newswars:

“Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites,” Newsom’s office tweeted Saturday.

The tweet included an illustration of a woman not using a mask only when she’s taking a bite of food, but otherwise she’s fully masked.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden recently said he’d institute a national mask mandate on federal property and during “interstate” travel.

Check out further details from Fox News:

For emphasis, the tweet shows an image of someone at a dining seat wearing a mask, then not wearing a mask while taking a bite, and then putting the mask on again.

However, the image then advises people to “minimize the number of times you take your mask off.”

California has allowed limited indoor dining to resume in a number of counties. San Francisco allowed indoor dining last week at 25% capacity.

California has had more than 800,000 cases and more than 16,000 deaths due to the virus.

Numerous health experts have said that masks can reduce the spread of the virus, but when it is appropriate or possible to wear a mask is frequently a topic of debate.

Broadcasters for “Sunday Night Football” were “compelled” by officials in Santa Clara, Calif., to wear masks while commenting on the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Meanwhile, Canada’s top doctor last month suggested people wear a mask during sex to protect themselves from the virus, and also avoid kissing.

Because nothing screams “sexy time” with your spouse like wearing face coverings during the throes of passion, right?

These people are certifiably insane. No other explanation exists for this. I mean, if you’re having sex with someone, aren’t you pretty much guaranteed to get the virus? What good is a mask at that point? Don’t these people even think through the things they say when it comes to this virus?

Folks, this is all getting very absurd. How much more are we going to take before we shuck it all down the garbage and get back to living our lives? Our economy, our culture, our very sanity, cannot continue down this path.

Let’s hope we get over this egregious dependence on government and tell folks like Newsom we’re done with the hysteria.

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