CBS News Reports Fake Story And Gets Immediately Fact-Checked By This Dangerous Organization

(Tea Party 247) – The left has been gas-lighting Americans for years now. They lie, cheat, and obstruct but then turn around and wholesale deny it while simultaneously blaming President Trump and the Republicans for doing the very things they are guilty of. Those of us with a functioning brain can see right through their charade but it is extremely frustrating nonetheless.

They tell one lie after another and all they have to do is put it out there on social media for their lockstep liberal minions to consume and then the lie spreads and those on the left report on it and treat it as factual information. One of the best, most recent, examples of this is the absurd lie reported by The Atlantic which claimed that four anonymous sources heard President Trump call retired US veterans “losers and suckers” but this lie was quickly debunked by over 10 named officials who said the President most certainly did not say that.

Now, CBS News put out a story just as absurd but the most outrageous part is that they were fact-checked and called out by …the Taliban. That’s right. CBS News’ reporting was so fake and abysmal it had to be called out by one of the world’s leading terrorist organization. The worst part of it all is that people will still believe it just because CBS put it on social media.

Here’s more from The Dan Bongino Show:

Last week, CBS News reported something that should’ve immediately seemed unbelievable: that the Taliban had endorsed the re-election of President Donald Trump. CBS (wrongly) quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying “We hope he [Donald Trump] will win the election and wind up US military presence in Afghanistan.”

The liberal talking heads immediately *pounced* on the news.

This was simply the millionth “bombshell” story the media has weaponized as an indictment against the Trump administration, and in this case, the media turned out to be committing Jihad against the truth.

As Dan Bongino writer Matt Palumbo pointed out, The Independent reported:

The Taliban has denied endorsing Donald Trump after reports emerged claiming the Afghan militant group had said it hoped the US president would be re-elected.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban, was reported to have supported Mr Trump’s bid to remain in the White House and expressed concern over his health.

“US news outlet @CBSNews has interpreted and published my remarks incorrectly. Nothing of the sort has been communicated as publicised by them,” he wrote on Twitter.

Do you think CBS News will issue an apology or correction to their reporting? Highly doubtful. How many readers saw this story and ran to tell all their liberal friends that President Trump has been endorsed by the Taliban and President Trump is obviously a terrorist? The leftist media has turned into a propaganda machine that is doing very real harm to America and causing divisions that are becoming permanent.

President Trump is not endorsed by the Taliban and even if he was, he has zero control over what foreign entities do and say. This is fake news at its finest.