Check Out What CNN Just Forced Sinclair Broadcast Group To Do To Interview With ‘Plandemic’ Author

(Tea Party 247) – If you don’t buy into the fact that the mainstream media has been bought out by leftists in various positions of power within the federal government, I’m not sure what else you are going to need to convince you. It’s pretty clear by taking a cursory glance at the amount of time and effort networks like CNN has put into pushing narratives against President Trump that these folks are nothing more than a propaganda machine for socialists.

But, in case you’re still a skeptic, check out what CNN did to Sinclair Broadcast Group in order to force them to forego having an interview with ‘Plandemic’ book author Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Apparently, CNN bombarded Sinclair with an online campaign to get them to axe the interview and the pressure tactic worked.

It’s a scary time when liberal media has this much power and force to apply against a conservative network.

Here’s more from Summit News:

Mikovits, who contends that the Coronavirus outbreak is being inflated and used to push vaccines on people, had already filmed the interview with ‘America This Week’ host Eric Bolling, but the interview did not air this weekend as planned.

Despite the interview also featuring a doctor who refutes Mikovits’ claims, CNN complained that it didn’t push back hard enough.

Leftists on Twitter then made it their mission to get Sinclair to drop the broadcast.

Initially, Sinclair refused to do so declaring that “at no juncture are we aligning with or endorsing the viewpoints of Dr Mikovits.”

But just hours later the broadcaster had completely capitulated to the censorship mob:

Standing up for truth is always going to lead to receiving hate from those who want nothing more than to see our great nation fall. The left has a lot to lose by allowing someone like Mkovits to have an opportunity to share an alternative take on the events unfolding in our nation concerning the coronavirus and the extreme measures taken to contain it.

This pandemic is their main weapon against the president in the upcoming election. By revealing the fact that much of the response to the virus has been overblown, this would undercut the power of the left to be able to fear monger and use that paranoia and fear as a means of controlling the masses.

Sinclair also noted that “we valiantly support Dr Fauci and the work he and his team are doing to further prevent the spread of Covid-19,” referencing the criticism Dr Mikovits has levelled at Fauci.

The decision means that the interview will not have the opportunity to reach Sinclair’s audience, which equates to around 40 percent of American households.

Leftists proclaimed that they had successfully “shamed them into doing the right thing.”

Some were still not happy, however, given that Sinclair said it could air a modified version of the interview in the future:

Sinclair took a battering from conservatives for the decision:

Listen, no one is forcing anyone to buy into what Mikovits is saying in her film and book. It’s okay to examine what she’s saying with a critical, skeptical eye. Heck, that’s what we should be doing with every piece of information that comes out about anything important, especially as it relates to our health and the future of our nation.

The doctor’s voice shouldn’t be silenced just because she proposes an alternative to the mainstream media narrative. If anything, she should be taken more seriously and her claims more closely examined. We know the media lies all the time to drum up fear. Why not allow this woman to have her thoughts heard? What is the left so afraid of?