Check Out What The Portland Mayor, Who Previously Gave Feds The Bird, Is Now Demanding As The City Is In A ‘State Of Armed Insurrection’

(Tea Party 247) – The thing with leftists and the whole political correctness nonsense that is corrupting the very fabric of the nation we all love and hold dear is that at some point, the values we know to be self-evident and true clash with the insanity of the progressive ideology being pushed by the left, thus forcing individuals who are liberal to choose between holding a logical position or denying logic for the sake of furthering their own political careers.

This was the position that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler found himself in as Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa thugs went on a merry rampage around his city, destroying property and committing acts of violence and rage. For a long time now, Wheeler has been silent as the city burns.

When help was offered to Wheeler in the form of federal intervention, he gave the feds the bird. Now he’s singing a different tune and wants to have an “immediate” meeting with the Department of Homeland Security.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

The Democrat mayor joined Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty to request the meeting in order to negotiate a “cease-fire” even though just two weeks ago he thumbed his nose at any offers of federal assistance to restore order in the city besieged by protests and rioting for over 50 consecutive days.

Wheeler had declared earlier this month that he would “decline” to meet with DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf even if he was invited.

In a phone conversation with Wolf just two weeks ago, the Democrat demanded that federal agents “stay inside” or “leave” the city. He also reportedly added a jab at Wolf to clean up graffiti on federal buildings left by rioters that Portland’s officials refused to control.

“I told the Acting Secretary that my biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics his agents use. We do not need or want their help,” he related in a tweet.

Of course, Wheeler is not going to completely abandon the typical left-wing talking points just because the light of a little common sense poked through the thick blanket of fog coating his brain. The mayor is still blaming President Trump for the mess that is Portland. I mean, come on now. A leopard can’t change all of his spots, right? Even though that leopard could identify as a woman if he chose to. That’s totally possible.

“Commissioner @JoAnnPDX and I are calling for an immediate meeting with Department of Homeland Security leadership on the ground in Portland and with Acting Secretary @DHS_Wolf to discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces from Portland,” Wheeler tweeted.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office responded to a question about the reason for Wheeler’s change of mind.

“He wants to put an end to the violence and destruction,” the spokesperson told Oregon Live.

Hardesty, who oversees Portland’s fire, 911 and emergency preparedness agencies, has criticized Wheeler, who is the police commissioner. In a statement last week, she told him: “If you can’t control the police, give me the Portland Police Bureau.”

Just last week, the city of Portland put a new policy into law that bans all police bureau members from working in cooperation with federal law enforcement. The new request by Mayor Wheeler to have a meeting with DHS leadership is coming right on the heels of an order by the president to send an additional 100 federal officers to the Oregon city to help protect federal buildings.

And for any of the clueless individuals who think these protesters are “peaceful.” If that is the case, why did Portland Police Bureau officers find loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails? Hardly seems like the kind of equipment needed for peaceful protest.

Wheeler should’ve been all over this a long, long time ago. Instead, he, like all the other Democrat run cities in this country, chose politics over the safety of his own people. Too worried about being viewed as “racist” by the sjw mob, he decided to side with the terrorists destroying his city’s streets and the livelihood of residents.

This will hopefully be something he is held accountable for by not being reelected.