Children Need To Be Able To Go Back To School, Hereís The Proof That Itís Very Low-Risk

(Tea Party 247) – In case you haven’t noticed yet, the entire coronavirus pandemic has now officially moved into “hoax” territory. With the left vehemently denying the success of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19 it’s becoming painfully obvious that none of this is about slowing the spread, flattening the curve, or being “together alone.” It’s all about control.

The left is supposedly the party of science yet they routinely deny truth and reality. When over 1,100 YMCA’s remained open throughout lockdown and the height of the pandemic in the US to provide childcare for “front-line workers,” you’d think they surely would have seen numerous outbreaks but they didn’t. Not even a single outbreak, actually. Yet, politicians are moving ahead with plans to turn schools into little detention centers where social contact is limited and children will be expected to adhere to unreasonable rules.

Children are a low-risk group, NPR has more on childcare facilities remaining open during lockdown:

Throughout the pandemic, many child care centers have stayed open for the children of front-line workers — everyone from doctors to grocery store clerks. YMCA of the USA and New York City’s Department of Education have been caring for, collectively, tens of thousands of children since March, and both tell NPR they have no reports of coronavirus clusters or outbreaks. As school districts sweat over reopening plans, and with just over half of parents telling pollsters they’re comfortable with in-person school this fall, public health and policy experts say education leaders should be discussing and drawing on these real-world child care experiences.

The Y says that during the lockdowns it cared for up to 40,000 children between the ages of 1 and 14 at 1,100 separate sites, often in partnership with local and state governments. And in New York City, the pandemic’s national epicenter in March and April, the city’s Department of Education reports that it cared for more than 10,000 children at 170 sites.

Working in early days, and on very short notice, these two organizations followed safety guidance that closely resembles what’s now been officially put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Y says a few staff members and parents at sites around the country did test positive, but there are no records of having more than one case at a site. This, among a population of essential workers.

In a separate, unscientific survey of child care centers, Brown University economist Emily Oster found that, as of Tuesday afternoon, among 916 centers serving more than 20,000 children, just over 1% of staff and 0.16% of children were confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

The Y emphasized to NPR that its data is not comprehensive, and the availability of testing has varied across the country. But experts say it’s worth taking these low numbers into account.

“There are almost no recorded cases of child-to-adult transmission of COVID-19,” says Elliot Haspel, an education policy expert and child care advocate who wrote an op-ed arguing for reopening full-time child care and schools as soon as possible. “It’s not zero risk, [but] we’re acting with a March 2020 understanding of COVID-19 and kids, and not with a June 2020 understanding of COVID-19 and kids.”

Yet, we are still being forced to believe that children are some high-risk group and that if we send them back to school they will all die. The truth is, children have been proven to be an extremely low-risk group. They’re just not getting ill like older groups and they don’t seem to be spreading it when they do have it.

So, why all the hysteria still? Politics.