Chilling: What Happens When 911 Goes Down? Millions Of Americans Just Found Out

(Tea Party 247) – Have you ever thought about what you would do if you couldn’t call 911? What the dystopian vision of the “progressive” left really is for the future of America?

Well, potentially millions of Americans got a first-hand look at what the natural conclusion of the “defund the police” campaign would really be, and no doubt it was terrifying.

Multiple cities across the United States are reporting 911 Emergency Services outages including Minneapolis, where over the summer the City Council voted to abolish the police, only to complain that police were not handling violence and crime adequately this month.

Newsmax reports that, on Monday night, emergency and text services were reported to be at least temporarily down on Monday night.

MPD posted on Twitter that this was a nationwide outage.

What is going on?!

“ATTENTION: The 911 lines are not operational nationwide. This is for phone calls and text messaging. If you need police, fire or emergency medical assistance in Minneapolis, please call 612-348-2345. We will advise when this issue is fixed,” the department wrote.

Minnesota, Delaware, Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, and Pennsylvania were all affected by these outages, Fox News reported.

Several other departments also tweeted that their 911 systems were down and directed citizens which numbers to call instead.

Most, however, later followed up to say that their systems were back online.

“Delaware State Police Dispatch Centers are now operational and 911 calls are being received,” Delaware State Police said. “If you call 911 and receive a busy signal or recorded message, callers are encouraged to text 911 and type your emergency in the message field or utilize the non-emergency telephone numbers.”

When was the last time you went to check your local police or sheriff’s department Twitter page to make sure that you could contact them in an emergency?

How many citizens could have needed 911 in an emergency only to find it down? Would they have had the presence of mind to check Twitter if they were in serious peril?

This is so disturbing.

Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel says that her agency will be looking into what happened.

“The one system we need to work all the time is 911,” Rosenworcel wrote on Twitter.

“The FCC needs to get to the bottom of this now and figure out what is going on.”

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