Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Explains Why “Sham” Black Lives Matter Needs To Stop Getting Funding

(Tea Party 247) – In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” civil rights attorney Leo Turrell had some very decisive words about the organization Black Lives Matter and the corporations who continue to pour money into the notoriously far-left organization.

Dismissing the movement as a “joke,” Turrell slammed the organization, declaring they lack any real concern for black lives.

“I’m so sick of all the shooting, the killing and the lawlessness and I’ve got to call out Black Lives. They are a joke. If they really care about the black lives, what about Chicago?” Terrell said, in reference to the high number of deaths in Chicago over the weekend.

“I submit to you, Black Lives is nothing more than a profiteer,” Terrell told Hannity.

“If it does not involve a police officer, they don’t care about those black lives. Reverend Al won’t get on his private jet and speak at that girl’s funeral,” he added, calling out Al Sharpton, who he also addressed in several tweets.

“These corporations, stop giving money to Black Lives! They don’t care about the lives that are being lost right now. It is a sham organization. Nothing more, nothing less, and they are a funnel group for extremists on the left,” Terrell declared.

Hannity clarified that Terrell was speaking of the Black Lives Matter movement, and not the broader spectrum of protesters.

“Every life matters,” Terrell agreed.

Radio host David Webb, who was also appearing on the program, also laid into BLM.

“Here’s the shakedown in this, Sean. $1.6 billion plus that’s been pledged to Black Lives Matter in some foundation or otherwise. Where’s the money going? Where does it end up?” Webb asked. “Leo is right. It is a shakedown and a sham.”

Actor Robert Davi addressed similar points in a tweet, asking Hannity to address the question as to “What is BLM really funding?”

Terrell, who as he says recently stopped drinking the “Democratic kool-aid” and has urged Democrats to leave their party behind, wasn’t done with BLM yet.

Over the weekend, Chicago saw 104 people shot, 14 fatally, including five children.