CNN Guest Absolutely Trashes White Children Because Racism. This Is Insanity.

(Tea Party 247) – The funny thing about “anti-racists” is they can often be very, very racist.

This is bonafide cultural Marxism: redistributing racism like commies want to redistribute wealth.

And it’s very sick.

CNN is being slammed for giving airtime to an “anti-racism” activist who declared that white children “don’t deserve innocence.”


Activist and author Tim Wise went on an unhinged rant about “white privilege” and how white parents can properly be an ally of “anti-racists.”

He declared that children need to be taught about their white privilege and police brutality when they are very young, and that they don’t deserve any innocence because black children have had their innocence robbed because of the whole institutional racism thing.

“One of my children’s teachers sent all parents a letter yesterday. And it was a link to this article,” co-host Poppy Harlow said on “CNN Newsroom,” in reference to an article about discussing white privilege with the young. “When should parents do this with their kids and how?”

“Well you know, we started doing it when our kids were like six, I’m sure they hated me at the time for trying to talk about white privilege when they were trying to watch a Disney film,” Wise replied.

“But to be perfectly honest, its a great place to explore it. The media, the things our kids are being exposed to, and no, at first they’re not going to understand, but you keep coming back to it, keep coming back to it at age-appropriate ways,” he added.

Wise is the author of several books, including the memoir, “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son,” and has spewed his self-loathing rhetoric to audiences at conferences, colleges, and high school campuses for 25 years.

Robbing white people of their innocence, presumably.

“I think the important thing for white parents to keep in the front of our mind is that if black children in this country are not allowed innocence and childhood without fear of being killed by police or marginalized in some other way, then our children don’t deserve innocence,” Wise said.

“If Tamir Rice can be shot dead in a public park playing with a toy gun, something white children do all over this country every day without the same fear of being shot, if Tamir Rice can be killed, then white children need to be told at least at the same age, if they can’t be innocent, we don’t get to be innocent,” he declared.

“If we could keep that in the front of our minds, then perhaps we would be able to hear what black and brown folks are telling us every day and have been for many years,” he concluded.