Conservatives Aren’t Alone In Noticing Joe Biden’s Mental Decline. Here’s What Joe Rogan Had To Say…

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden, as we all know, is running for President. The presumptive Democratic Nominee knocked out 29 other mostly unqualified Democratic candidates to secure the nomination while riding on Obama’s “legacy” the entire time. Now, it’s impossible to ignore the cognitive decline of the former Obama Vice President yet that’s exactly what the mainstream leftist media has done and continues to do.

While they viciously attack Trump, Republicans, and anyone who supports them, they wholly and brazenly turn a blind eye to the massive elephant in the room. Joe Biden is not fit for office. There’s no other way to say it.

Joe Rogan is far from a Trump supporter but as a self-declared libertarian, Rogan has no fealty to Biden either, unlike the talking-heads in the mainstream media. On Thursday’s episode of the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, host Rogan asserted that the left-wing media has “completely ignored” Biden’s repeated verbal gaffes and contended that he is “clearly” in some form of “cognitive decline.”

During the episode Rogan said:

I’m seeing this one thing that I keep hearing over and over again from people of the left that really disturbs me is this concession that what you’re voting for is the Cabinet, you’re voting for the Supreme Court, you’re voting for someone who’s not going to reverse Roe vs. Wade. That’s what I keep hearing from my friends on the left. They’ve basically made this concession in their head like, “Hey, you know, this is what I’m voting for now.” And the news media on the left has completely ignored all of these Biden speeches that clearly show some kind of cognitive decline.

Like David Pakman, who I respect a lot, he was kind of arguing against it, that it didn’t show his decline. I was trying to look at it in a way that made sense, I was trying to be rational about it, like maybe, “Okay, maybe he’s just exhausted, maybe this, and maybe it’s pressure.” Sometimes people get really tongue-tied and panic under pressure, and words come out all f***ed up. That is possible. But there’s a trend. If you go back to when he was a younger man that trend didn’t exist. You’re seeing a change. The idea that as you get older you become less comfortable with the media, less comfortable with speaking publically, that doesn’t jive with me. That doesn’t make any sense.

To which guest Bret Weinstein responded, “I agree with you. I see a decline. But irrespective of what that is, Joe Biden is an influence peddler. He’s not an idea guy, right? He’s the same idea as Hillary Clinton in a different morphology.”

Breitbart points out that Rogan’s remarks come after the comedian revealed in April that he would rather vote for President Donald Trump over Biden in a hypothetical general election match-up. Rogan also made fun of Biden’s verbal flubs in March saying that it’s “not a normal way to communicate unless he’s high as f***,” and predicted that President Trump is “going to eat him alive” in November.