Cops Canceled, Paw Patrol Demonized, Now One Rolling Stone Writer Has Taken Aim At This Iconic Police Character

(Tea Party 247) – There will never come a time when the left is satisfied. If Joe Biden picks a woman of color as his running mate and wins the election and transforms the US into a socialist liberal dystopia, they will still find reasons to be outraged. This is evidenced by the ongoing litany of cultural grievances which is now targeting the entertainment industry.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the left is successfully moving to ban books, TV shows, movies, characters and any other form of art or media they disapprove of which basically boils down to anything that depicts cops in a positive light, depicts or refers to slavery of any kind, and anything else that could be offensive to blacks. But, once all the current unacceptable media has been done away with, they’ll make up a new set of criteria to ban more.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the iconic show Cops has been canceled, among others, one writer for the leftist magazine Rolling Stone has written a piece slamming law enforcement officers and claiming that it’s now time to “cancel” iconic Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character Capt. Olivia Benson.

“For 21 seasons, Olivia Benson has served as the quintessential Good Cop, the embodiment of all of the qualities we wish law enforcement figures would have: she’s tough but fair, vulnerable yet steely-eyed, displaying constant compassion for survivors and providing no quarter to abusers,” Rolling Stone writer EJ Dickson started.

“She always fights for and believes victims, a marked contrast to real-life law enforcement officials, whose record on convicting sexual offenders is abysmal,” she wrote while also giving praise to Hargitay for her real-life efforts to help domestic violence victims.

Dickson continued, “But Olivia Benson won’t change, not fundamentally, because nobody wants Olivia Benson to change. We’re probably not going to see her making an effort to hire more police officers of color. We’re probably not going to see George Floyd incorporated into plotlines in anything but a cursory, ripped-from-the-headlines way.”

BizPac Review wrote on the absurdity of Dickson’s piece:

It’s not clear that hiring more “police officers of color” would affect police-related killings in any substantial way, or that more minorities even want to become police officers, and no evidence has surfaced suggesting that minorities are currently being prevented from joining police departments. 

In fact, in 1981, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower appeals court decision requiring New York City to ensure “that at least one-third of new police officers hired…be black or of Hispanic origin,” The New York Times reported, in order to bring the NYPD into compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Nevertheless, Dickson continued, “No matter how fraught the role of law enforcement officials become in the cultural imagination, no matter how embedded she is in a system that perpetuates racism and misogyny and brutality, nobody wants to see Olivia Benson as anything but a hero. We need to believe the system is not totally broken. We need to believe that cops are not totally irredeemable.

“No matter how much you love Olivia Benson, you have to be willing to grapple with the fact that she plays a major role in perpetuating the idea that cops are inherently trustworthy and heroic, and that many viewers are unable to distinguish between the gossamer fantasy of how justice should be handled, and how it actually is. If cops are canceled, that means all cops are canceled, up to and including the strong and pretty ones we like to watch break down pedophiles in interrogation rooms,” she wrote.

Fortunately, the piece was widely criticized by other writers:

“This is really, really, really stupid,” wrote Washington Examiner correspondent Jerry Dunleavy.

He then added that it must also be true that police officers who died trying to save people during the 9/11 attacks “are canceled too.”

The Blaze’s Jessica Fletcher called the piece “garbage.”

It truly is a “garbage” piece and totally unfair to the thousands of police officers across the country who wake up every morning, put on their badge, and go out into their communities to protect and serve. No, not every police officer is a “good” one but the majority are and it’s just plain wrong to paint all police officers with this broad stroke.

Shame on EJ Dickson for putting out this disgusting leftist propaganda and unjustly condemning all police officers.