Debate Moderator Asks Mike Pence About Transfer Of Power, His Answer Is Straight Fire

(Tea Party 247) – Vice President Mike Pence is very, very good on the debate stage. He’s a bit more subdued than President Trump, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t come out swinging for the fences in his own way. He made it clear during Wednesday evening’s vice presidential debate that he held all of the facts and truth in his hands and wasn’t afraid to use them.

At one point during the debate, Pence was asked by moderator Susan Page about a peaceful transfer of power. This is a question the left has been using to attack President Trump and make him look like he’s an unhinged, power hungry fascist who is going to refuse to leave office if he loses the election.

Well, Pence took this question and used it to obliterate both Page and Sen. Kamala Harris. Seriously. This answer is straight fire.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Pence, in his mild and calm voice, explained how Democrats have NEVER allowed for the peaceful transfer of power since Hillary Clinton was defeated in 2016. VP Pence even brought up how Obama and Biden was spying on the Trump Campaign. Then Mike Pence went on to talk about the Russia hoax scandal and investigation and the Democrat impeachment probe after President Trump’s call to Ukraine.


It’s a great response to this question, one that totally destroys the left’s ability to use the idea of a peaceful transfer of power as a weapon against President Trump.

However, if you think the left isn’t going to to continue to use this as a weapon against the president, you’re not well versed in just how stupid radical leftists can be. Many left-wing news sources are, in fact, trying to paint up Pence’s response as a non-answer, as if that’s an indication that the Trump administration will not yield power to the next president, should he lose in November.

Here’s how CNN covered the question:

But the most important of the questions Pence evaded had to do with the bedrock of American democracy: the peaceful transfer of power after a presidential election.

It’s maybe not surprising that Pence would take this position since Trump, his boss, has repeatedly refused to commit to honoring the result if he loses the election.

Trump’s done it enough to raise concern about Republicans looking for ways to undermine the popular vote in states and engineer an Electoral College victory.

But it’s not every day you get the chance to ask Pence what his role will be after Election Day.

Pence is not just any other citizen; he’s the person who oversees the counting of electoral votes in January. It’s a ministerial role, but still important. He’s also the person, under the 25th Amendment, who would take over for Trump in case of an incapacitating emergency. And if, God forbid, Trump did try to upend the results, he’d be only as powerful as the people standing with him.

Pence’s answer Wednesday makes clear that, for now, he is not willing to cross his boss and say the winner of the election should be the next president.

It was actually even less direct than the answers Attorney General William Barr has given to the same type of question — that he’d respect the results if they’re “clear.”

The left is constantly looking for a new reason to panic, something they can twist and use to paint Trump up as some sort of Nazi in training, despite the fact he’s been a staunch federalist since he got elected. He’s allowed the states to deal with most political issues because that’s the kind of system of government our Constitution calls for.

How about Biden and Harris actually come clean about where they stand on court packing? Kamala Harris flatout refused to answer that question during the debate, making it obvious that her non-answer is indeed an answer. And that answer is likely a “yes.”