Dem Rep Just Admitted Major Failure About Biden’s Time In Office In Pennsylvania; You Can Hear The Screams Of His Campaign

(Tea Party 247) – A video was shown at the Democratic National Convention this week that highlighted just how long Joe Biden had been mooching off the American people with his insanely long tenure in political office that spans many decades of time.

In reality, this means that Biden has had many, many years to make a difference in this country and improve things for the average American citizen. So why doesn’t the evidence of his time as a public servant demonstrate that? Why has he failed so much to make any sort of positive impact?

Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb actually had the spine to admit that when Biden was in office in Pennsylvania, the state lost a “ton” of jobs. If you listen closely, you can hear the screams and cries of his political campaign.

Here’s more from Townhall:

“I think in a part of the country like mine, there has been a 30 or 40-year period long before President Trump came along, where we lost heavy industry, we lost jobs in coal, we lost jobs in steel, a ton of manufacturing has gone overseas to Mexico and China,” he told CNN. “And so I think anybody who was serving in public office during that period is going to have a challenge to come to a place like Western Pennsylvania and say we can get this back on track. We can create new jobs. They will pay better. We will secure your retirement but deal with the history of all of that. I’m new so, you know, nobody really held me accountable for that, but Vice President Biden has been around longer.”

This was one of the reasons Pennsylvania residents recently told Fox News’s Lawrence Jones they do not support Biden.

“He had 40 years to make it right here, we’re still distressed,” one man said. “Eight years as vice president, what magical wand now is he going to wave now to make it work?”

Another resident said: “He’s had eight years as vice president, didn’t do anything, no record to speak of, he’s been a professional politician for 47 years.”

Joe Biden is not the man we need in the White House right now. Not by a long shot. He’s not mentally fit to be serving in office. On top of that, he’s a puppet for the folks at the top of the progressive movement, rich individuals like George Soros.

What we need is someone who is anti-leftist who will keep the radical socialists who want to destroy our nation completely and utterly at bay. Trump has done a great job of that so far. That’s probably a good indication he’ll continue to do so with four more years in the Oval Office.