Democrats Have A New Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Mailboxes, And It’s Insane

(Tea Party 247) – All of a sudden, the Democrats have themselves a brand-spanking-new anti-Trump conspiracy theory, and it’s just about as absurd as all the rest.

This time around, it’s the claim that President Donald Trump is deliberately trying to undermine the U.S. Postal Service so that it will be unable to handle vote-by-mail in November, even going as far as to remove mailboxes.

The truth of the matter is that mailboxes are being removed because, as Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollack explains, mailboxes are always being removed. Not sure if the Democrats have noticed, but the last few decades have revolutionized the way that people communicate and send important documents, and while still used by millions, the U.S. Postal service isn’t as vital to our infastructure as it once was.

In fact, at least 14,000 mailboxes were removed during the Obama-Biden administration.

This hasn’t stopped the very same Biden, that is, Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden, from fueling the flames of this conspiracy theory.

Pollack explains that “The truth is far more mundane.”

As anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention over the last ten years will now, the U.S. Postal service has been losing money and presenting a major issue for the federal government for years.

This is not remotely new.

Are the Dems going to blame Trump for less phone booths on the street next?

Pollack explains that in 2009, the postmaster general proposed moving to five-day-per-week mail delivery to reduce costs.

That year, President Barack Obama criticized the postal service for failing to keep up with private sector competitors. The Obama-Biden administration considered closing almost 3,700 post office locations and proposed cutting 12,000 postal jobs.

President Trump, meanwhile, demanded in 2018 that Amazon lower prices it had charged the US Postal Service for delivering packages to consumers.

And, well, one of the ways in which the service has attempted to cut costs is to remove mailboxes.

Speaking to The Hill, spokeswoman for the service Kimberly Frum explained that low-volume mailboxes are regularly removed to cut costs:

She said that low-volume mailboxes are a financial drag on the Postal Service, which lost more than $2 billion in the second quarter.

“It is a fluid process and figures can vary from day-to-day,” Frum said. “Historically, mail boxes have been removed for lack of use and installed in growth areas.”

“When a collection box consistently receives very small amounts of mail for months on end, it costs the Postal Service money in fuel and workhours for letter carriers to drive to the mailbox and collect the mail. Removing the box is simply good business sense in that respect. It is important to note that anyone with a residential or business mailbox can use it as a vehicle to send outgoing mail.”

Pollack explains further:

The removal of mailboxes has been halted until after the election, to avoid further confusion (sown deliberately by Democrats and the media). But even with fewer mailboxes, the U.S. Postal Service can probably handle the delivery of ballots, Byron York argues in the Washington Examiner. It handles hundreds of millions of items daily.

The bottleneck is not necessarily the U.S. Postal Service, but rather the state and local election officials who set arbitrary deadlines for postmarking ballots, and who will have to sort out millions more additional mailed ballots than they are used to handling. In many states, they have never done anything like it before.

In New York’s Democratic primary, more than one out of every four vote-by-mail ballots was disqualified. In Clark County, Nevada, 223,000 mailed ballots were returned as undeliverable. That is not a postal problem; it is a government problem that cannot be fixed by November.

Democrats have targeted Postmaster General Louis DeJoy because he is a Republican donor. They ignore the fact that he “made a fortune in shipping and logistics” and that his “former company was a contractor of the Postal Service for many years,” York notes.

DeJoy’s plan to save the U.S. Postal Service involves delivering all mail in the morning, to avoid the expense of overtime pay. It is currently being tested across the country. Democrats have turned that into a dark conspiracy to steal the election — or cast doubt on mail-in voting.

But given that the Obama-Biden administration itself removed thousands upon thousands of mailboxes, this is a conspiracy theory that — like the others — has gone bust, at least for those of us living in the real world.