Disgusting ‘Protester’ Assaults Senior Citizen Protecting Columbus Statue; It Doesn’t Take Long Before The Tables Turn…

(Tea Party 247) – Some people involved in the recent race riots and statue vandalism are utterly disgusting in their behavior and antics. Like a Latino “protester” who actually physically assaulted a senior citizen who was attempting to protect a Christopher Columbus statue in Wooster Square Park in New Haven, Connecticut.

The police were forced to intervene as a means of deescalating the mess as these “protesters” got into serious fisticuffs with the Italian-American Heritage Foundation who were there to protest against the removal of the statue.


This is the kind of division that these ignorant groups are causing by placing so much importance on a person’s ethnicity. Who has the right to be protected? When you protect one class of people, it usually steps on the rights of another group of individuals, such as in this case. And when the law sides with one side, they are essentially granting that group or class more rights than the other.

You cannot win with this kind of thinking.

Anyway, here’s what happened next via BizPacReview:

The Columbus statue has stood in Wooster Square Park for 125 years — including during the eight-year presidency of Barack Obama — when Black Lives Matter apparently didn’t find it offensive.

In the harrowing video, a Latino man assaults an old white man with a loudspeaker and wrestles him to the ground. The assailant is wearing a T-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter Too Much.”

The attacker apparently believes that white lives should matter less, which may explain why he beat an old white man over the head.


Ironically, a police officer eventually intervened to protect the Latino assailant from the angry crowd after he assaulted the senior citizen.

One man in the crowd yells at the attacker as he cowers behind the police officer: “Now you want the cops! NOW you want them, huh?”


How awful is that miscreant for attacking an elderly man? There’s no cause for this sort of behavior. People have been radicalized by hate mongers in the progressive movement to use violence in these cases for a number of different reasons, but the top one being it causes disruption and chaos. Chaos leads to mass destruction. Mass destruction leads to a justified call of government interference and a loss of liberty and political power.

See how they operate?

Many Italian-Americans revere the statue of Christopher Columbus, saying it’s a point of pride for Italians, who were discriminated against when they first immigrated to America before achieving success.

“We just want everybody else to respect our ethnic group as well,” New Haven resident Louis Pane told NBC Connecticut. “It’s about coming together as one in the future to all live in harmony and all have equality.”

The comedic irony of the assailant seeking the protection of a local cop underscores the stupidity of the left’s “Defund the Police” movement.

Similarly, the victim of a shooting in Seattle’s police-free CHOP zone blamed the police for not responding fast enough after he got shot last weekend when it was his fellow CHOP thugs who blocked the cops from entering the zone to help him.

The people involved in this garbage apparently don’t realize how insane they are and how contradictory their entire worldview just happens to be. Surely, if they were thinking people who examined what they believed with a critical eye, they would realize it’s a worldview full of holes and inconsistencies.

You can’t hate on the police, drive them out of an area, demand they be disbanded or defunded, then whine like a little girl because they didn’t come to your rescue quick enough. That’s absurd, the thinking of a child who doesn’t know any better.

These folks are getting seriously pathetic.

Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/06/25/leftist-pummels-senior-citizen-trying-to-protect-columbus-statue-before-tables-turn-now-you-want-the-cops-938857