DNC Puts On Fireworks And Car Parade After Joe Biden Acceptance Speech. There’s Only One Problem…

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats never miss an opportunity to put on theatrics and fool the American people. The Democratic National Convention was no exception. The entire production was more like a circus than a serious political event and all the usual suspects showed up pledging support for their presidential nominee Joe Biden and his VP pick, Senator Kamala Harris. Even Barrack Obama showed up to unenthusiastically support the declining Biden.

In an effort to go out with a bang, the DNC planned fireworks and a “car parade” to celebrate Biden’s nomination acceptance Thursday night.

Fox News reported:

Biden is slated to accept the Democratic presidential nomination from Wilmington, Del., hundreds of miles away from the Milwaukee stage where the keynote address was initially scheduled to take place — a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The audience will also look remarkably different during the most important speech of Biden’s political career.

More than 100 cars are expected to line up outside of the Chase Center in Wilmington for the former vice president’s keynote address, the sources told Fox News.

The cars, in the style of a drive-in movie theatre, will be looking at a stage set up outside of the riverfront convention center waiting for the wave from Biden and running mate California Sen. Kamala Harris, as well as their spouses, the sources said.

In the end, however, it was all optics. There were not 100 Biden supporters sitting in their cars honking and cheering. It was all just theatrics made to trick the American people into thinking there is enthusiastic support for Joe Biden to become the next President of the United States when, in fact, there is not.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The problem was it was all fake. It was astroturfed. There was literally no support for Biden all week. The cars in the parking lot were DNC theatrics. They were even social distancing:

What wasn’t astroturfed were some trucks lined up outside the event with ‘Antifa for Biden’, ‘Creepy Joe Sniffs Women’ and other popular Biden slogans:

The same trucks were seen earlier in the day driving around Wilmington, Delaware:

If the Democrats were actually honest they most certainly wouldn’t be throwing all of their support behind a man with a laundry list of corruption and sexual misconduct charges in his closet who’s also experiencing serious cognitive decline.

Joe Biden is a puppet and the entire Democratic National Convention was a show. Anyone who is still considering voting for Joe Biden needs to understand they are being played by the left. Just like all of the allegations the left has brought against President Trump, the nomination of Joe Biden by the Dems is a hoax. A bait and switch.

It’s absolutely mind-blowing how rabid leftists hate President Trump because he is supposedly so corrupt while he has never actually done anything wrong or committed any crimes, yet they can turn around a support a man who has literally said on video that he withheld foreign aid in a straight-up quid pro quo scenario.

That’s not even to mention all of the pay-for-play schemes he took part in with his son, Hunter.

The Democrats are truly putting on the greatest show on earth.