DOJ Spokeswoman Completely Annihilates Portland Mayor Over Protesters Running Amok In City

(Tea Party 247) – Well, if you thought the madness with occupying groups of radical left-wingers was over when the Seattle Police Department dismantled the CHOP Zone in the downtown area of the city, you’d be sorely mistaken. Rather than ending the nonsense, it seems the craziness has simply migrated elsewhere in the country. Exciting, right? Not a bit.

Reports from earlier this week revealed that Portland is now seeing the same kind of behavior as protesters have attempted to set up CHOP Zone 2.0 in their downtown area, lighting fires, setting up barricades, and doing whatever insane radicals think they need to do in order to force the world to bend to their sickening agenda.

Department of Justice Director of Communications and Public Affairs Kerri Kupec made an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Bill Hemmer Reports” program where she criticized Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for turning down law enforcement help from the federal government, going so far as to accuse the mayor of placing his “personal politics and violent anarchists and agitators over the safety and security” of the residents who call the city home.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

Kupec said, “I was particularly dismayed by the comments made by that Portland mayor, considering that, just over the weekend, a protester went after one of our U.S. Marshals with a hammer, hitting him over and over and over again. Protesters were surging federal buildings. They were armed with sledgehammers, with slingshots, with lasers. And the fact that you have elected officials, and I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, but if you are an elected official and you are prioritizing your own personal politics and violent anarchists and agitators over the safety and security of the very people who elected you, that’s not leadership. That’s a disgrace.”

Kupec is right on the money in her assessment of Mayor Wheeler. He is making it abundantly clear that the rights of the protesters are far more valuable and important than the rights of the rest of the citizens he is supposed to be protecting. All that matters is the political value he can squeeze out of this incident as a means of ensuring he gets reelected and his political aspirations furthered, regardless of the cost to others.

This response isn’t anything new. It’s how all of the Democrats in leadership have been responding to the race riots and other phenomenon that has been happening all across the country. It’s weakness, yes, but more so, it’s political manuevering. These individuals are using the chaos to usurp power from average Americans, and folks, they do not plan on giving it back once they take it.

We have to do our part to fight against this sort of mentality. How do we do that? By holding elected officials accountable for their actions. Not voting for them in elections unless they make up their minds to do the right thing. Put together our own protests and let our voices be heard.

Speaking out and demanding these people do their sworn duty.

Here’s to hoping leadership in America wakes up.