Dumpster Fire Strikes Near CHAZ. Guess Who They Called For Help Putting It Out?

(Tea Party 247) – Since the George Floyd protests turned to riots in Seattle, a six-block part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood has been taken over and occupied by anti-police, radical leftist protesters. This merry band of misfits have declared the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, also known as CHAZ, as independent from the United States, even posting official cardboard signs stating those who enter are leaving the US. (No passport needed)

You can, of course, expect this effort to be the work of young, entitled, mostly white liberals who care nothing for George Floyd, or justice for that matter, but rather only anarchy and chaos. They are petulant little children and Seattle has given them a safe space to throw one big, unproductive tantrum.

As if they don’t look stupid enough, the first thing the founders of CHAZ did was establish borders, something the left has vehemently attacked President Trump for wanting to secure for the US. And guess what, they’re enforcing their borders with armed members of their make-believe militia (but don’t dare call them “police”). Hypocrisy at its finest.

Sadly, however, CHAZ has not yet established its own fire department. Perhaps because nobody in CHAZ has any skillsets required to sustain an autonomous zone but that’s neither here nor there. The point is when a dumpster fire struck near their border Wednesday night the community was forced to call in international aid from their neighbor on all sides: the US, specifically Seattle’s fire department.

Oh, the irony.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas has been entrenched in the makeshift liberal dystopia and reporting on the lunacy over the last week. He documented the hilarious incident for the world to see.

“Dumpster fire started just outside the boundary of the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,’” Rosas reported.

A few minutes later, Rosas posted an update about the fire.

“Protesters called the fire department about the dumpster fire,” he tweeted accompanied by photos of Seattle firefighters putting out the blaze.

WND reports:

While images of the demonstrators this week appear to show more than enough personnel in the area who could have helped to carry water and put out the small fire, the area’s occupiers apparently chose instead to call the system that they are protesting for perceived racial inequality — which sent firefighters to clean up after them.

That is a privilege not afforded to many new nations facing oppression from a parent country. The British, for instance, never sent any such aide to their American adversaries after the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

While they are clearly unable to handle a crisis situation like independent adults, the community of rebels is showing signs of efforts to govern themselves by establishing their own food sources. Rosas tweeted a couple of endearing pictures of an apparent tomato garden planted in the area’s Cal Anderson Park. Isn’t is heartwarming to see children accomplish something on their own?

It looks like it’s going well:

It’s no coincidence that it was a dumpster fire that struck to bring attention to just how dependent this supposed independent autonomous nation really is on the very nation they are rebelling against. This entire dystopian experiment is one big dumpster fire and we can’t stop laughing.