Elementary Social Studies Teacher Arrested For Doing This To A Christopher Columbus Statue

(Tea Party 247) – Just in case you aren’t fully convinced the public education system in the US has officially gone to hell in a hand basket, here’s a story just for you. The very core of the public school system has been infected with progressive liberalism which dictates that historical facts themselves are evil and must be rewritten.

The root of the problem boils down to teachers who are more activists than educators and this problem is, maybe not so surprisingly, incredibly widespread. More and more teachers are getting on the woke train forcing the 21st century enlightened liberal agenda on their unsuspecting students.

If you thought Hitler was awful, you obviously haven’t read up on the left’s version of the devil incarnate himself, Christopher Columbus.

For years the left has been busy working to demonize and destroy the legacy of the explorer who sailed to the New World and “discovered” it in 1492. Yes, we know there were already people living here but it’s somehow very different from all the other times throughout all of human history when people sailed or traveled to other parts of the world where indigenous people already existed and colonized, apparently. (It isn’t.)

They have demanded Christopher Columbus Day be done away with and now one elementary school social studies teacher has done his part to further the leftist war on the memory of Christopher Columbus and how America, as we know it today, came to be.

ABC6 reports:

One of the suspects involved in vandalism at the Christopher Columbus statue in Elmwood Avenue is a teacher at Pawtucket Public Schools who is now out on leave pending an investigation, according to the superintendent.

Derrick Garforth, 34, was charged with desecration of grave/monument, which is a felony.

Superintendent of the Pawtucket School Department, Dr. Cheryl McWilliams, told ABC6 News, “I have just learned about this and the School Department is investigating it.”

Around 1:30 a.m., on Saturday morning detectives noticed a man and woman getting out of a car and running across Elmwood Avenue towards Columbus square. The two began to splatter paint on the boarded up monument, according to police.

Both then fled across Elmwood Avenue towards Lexington Avenue.

Detectives saw both suspects enter the rear lot of the Feinstein School heading towards Ontario St. Detectives quickly drove to Ontario Street and were able to catch up to both suspects as they exited the lot.

Derrick Garforth, 34, and Charlotte Whittingham, 28, were both arrested.

Police said Mackenzie Innis, 26, who was driving the car the suspects were in, was arrested also.

What a brave revolutionary. No doubt this courageous act will go down in the history books as the defining moment that showed the world just how dastardly Christopher Columbus really was.

Really though, it makes you wonder what kinds of lessons his elementary school students have been receiving under his instruction. What kind of blatantly false and made-up version of history have they received?

As long as people like Garforth are permitted to “educate” children in the US things will only continue to get worse.