England Changes Up How They Count Coronavirus Cases; Check Out What Happens To Their Death Count

(Tea Party 247) – There have been a lot of controversial aspects of the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States and across the globe, but one particular issue has stood out among the rest, and that’s how these cases and the deaths caused by them have been counted.

Here in the U.S., we’ve heard all kinds of reports on how hospitals and doctors are counting deaths from other causes — heart attacks, strokes, ect., — as being from COVID, though that’s not entirely accurate. Sure, some of these people had the disease, but that wasn’t what killed them. It’s important to count this accurately because that will impact how we as a society handle this pandemic.

Well, in England, they’ve changed up how they count COVID-19 cases and it has had a pretty big impact on their death rate.

Here’s more from Just The News:

The official count of COVID-19 deaths in the U.K. plummeted by over 11% this week after the government revised its method for tallying coronavirus fatalities in that country.

The British government had previously been labeling deaths as COVID-19 fatalities if anyone who had had a positive test for the disease had died at any point following that test. The revised policy limits that window to 28 days after a positive test.

The new method dropped total deaths in the country from 46,706 to 41,329, a plunge of 11.5%.

The United Kingdom is among the countries hardest-hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The earlier death figure put the U.K. at #5 worldwide in unadjusted COVID-19 deaths; the new number will not move it out of that spot, with Italy still coming in at #6 with 35,225 deaths as of Wednesday afternoon, according to Worldometers.

Deaths and cases appear to have peaked in early April in the country, though it is unclear if the revised count will move those markers backwards or forwards in time.

You’ll not hear me very often calling for us to follow in the footsteps of any European nation, but on this issue, we probably should. This way of counting deaths ensures the numbers are accurate instead of artificially inflated.

The problem with doing something like that here, however, is that the virus would no longer be able to be politicized by the radical left. These individuals have spent a significant amount of time, money, and other resources to make this pandemic a weapon in the fight against President Trump’s reelection.

If the issue is solved now, they’ll have nothing to use against him in November. They won’t be able to force mail-in voting and have an opportunity to play around with the results.

Wouldn’t want that now would we?

Source: justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/covid-19-death-count-england-reduced-over-11-after-government-revises