Explosive New Trump Ad Introduces “Joe Biden’s Supporters”…Destroying Our Nation

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden finally came out and denounced the rioting and violence that has been raging in the streets of our nation for months on end.

He’s been running for president this whole time.

So why did he finally denounce the left-wing violence?

So he could blame Trump, of course.

Well, the Trump campaign is not taking that sitting down, believe you me.

They’ve released an explosive new campaign ad that shows the full extent of the violence that Biden has only very weakly condemned.

Newsmax reports:

The ad begins by introducing the viewer to “Joe Biden’s supporters” before flashing to clip after clip of explosive violence, rioting, and mayhem by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who comprise the grassroots support of the current Democrat Party.

Democrats have been reluctant to condemn or even acknowledge the far-left rioting during the summer, while also calling for the defunding of police across America.

In fact, some Democrats like vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) said the “unrest” should continue.

That is, until they recently realized the leftist violence was hurting them in the polls, prompting Biden to finally speak up about the inner city violence last week — for which he blamed President Trump.

Biden even threatened that the violence would not stop if Trump was reelected.