Revealed: New WHO Data Completely Destroys The Dems’ Narrative On COVID

(Tea Party 247) – The World Health Organization has completely dropped the ball when it comes to COVID.

They carried water for the Communist Chinese Party when they were lying to us about how the virus was transmitted, and even advised against closing borders.

Of course, when President Donald Trump pulled the US’ funding from the United Nations organization, the Democrats acted like it was an indisposable, omniscient organization that could do no wrong.

So, what are they going to do with this explosive new info?

The Gateway Pundit reports that on Friday, the WHO released new numbers indicating that the Chinese coronavirus has a mortality rate similar to that of the flu.

This is something that many on the right who oppose mass lockdowns and tyranny in response to the virus have been pointing to since March, including TGP.

The WHO is now estimating that 750,000,000 currently have the coronavirus. With a global death toll of roughly 1 million, this puts the mortality rate at 0.13%.

Umm what? The @who now estimates that 750,000,000 people have gotten the ro? Which, at 1 million death, would put the death rate at 1 in 750 (even with overcounting, etc) – or 0.13%. That’s the lowest estimate I’ve ever seen. Say it with me: IT’S THE FLU.

TGP explains:

Obviously, that news changes things tremendously.

Earlier this year we reported on how coronavirus compares to other global pandemics since the Spanish flu in 2018.

With our new data from the WHO today we updated our comparison of the worst flu pandemics in US history.

The Coronavirus with an overall mortality rate per population of 0.13% is now ranked as the 4th worst pandemic in the US in the last 110 years based on global numbers.

The global COVID-19 mortality rate is a bit higher than the 2018 US flu season.

* Note the Coronavirus numbers are based on latest WHO data.

** Also note that over half of Hong Kong Flu victims were under age 50 including thousands of children and pregnant women.

*** Mortality rate via Online MedEd.

China, the WHO and the medical elites in the US created this global economic meltdown based on fraudulent numbers and bogus models.

We knew it and we pointed it out at the time and we were attacked for it.

Fauci Redfield and Birx should be fired and arrested.