Extremist Speaker At Kenosha Rally Makes This Disturbingly Shocking Statement

(Tea Party 247) – Amid the chaos and bedlam that has been occurring in Kenosha, Wisconsin since the shooting of Jacob Blake, a peaceful march and rally took place on Saturday. The event featured several speakers and while most of them reiterated the same talking points you hear at most of these types of events, one speaker decided to take things just a bit too far.

Near the end of the rally, one man took the stage and was introduced as “our president.” During his speech he declared, “If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.”

The man, who was not able to be immediately identified, said:

“I love being black. I love black people. I know some of you may not want to say that … You tell us how to behave when you have taken our lives. The black man is worth something. His life is worth something. I have to say god damn it – if you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours. I know everybody don’t want to hear that. But damn why are we the ones who have to keep burying ours and got to keep clean for you to see us as being human? We ain’t never did nothing to nobody.”

Apparently, when black people break the law and the police get involved that constitutes as having “never did nothing to nobody.” I digress.

While this particular speaker’s message focused on revenge, others were less hateful, such as Blake’s own father, Jacob Blake Sr.

“There were seven bullets put in my son’s back,” Blake said. “Hell yeah. I’m mad.”

“But when you get angry you lose control of your nature,” he said. “My nature is to protect my son, to stand up for my son when he cannot stand up, to ask the police in this town what gave them the right to attempted murder of my child? What gave them the right to think that my son was an animal?”

He recounted of his conversation with his son while he was in the hospital with him, “He said daddy, daddy I love you,” Blake said. “Then my baby said, ’Why did they shoot me so many times?’ I said, ‘Baby they weren’t supposed to shoot you at all.’”

He continued by saying, “I know there are a lot of parents out there in this crowd. You cannot imagine what it feels like to look at your baby paralyzed from the waist down, shackled.”

Blake continued, “We suffered and still suffer because there are two justices systems.”

According to Kenosha News, he said there is one for the white boy who walked down the streets and killed two people referring to Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of killing two people on Tuesday night during protests near Kenosha’s downtown. Then, he said, there is another system for his son, Jacob Blake, who was shackled to a bed after police shot at him seven times.

“That justice system doesn’t work out well for us,” Blake said.

While we can certainly have a discussion about judicial reform in America, it serves no purpose to call for revenge. Two wrongs will never make a right. There is no place in America for that kind of extremism.