Far-Left Lincoln Project Tweets, Deletes Sick Insult At Kayleigh McEnany

(Tea Party 247) – During the Republican National Convention last night, the Trump administration touted the historic number of bright, intelligent women it has placed in the White House.

In a montage of some of the women who serve in the administration, far more than any president in history, was footage of the three female press secretaries to Trump, all of whom are mothers, Sarah Huckabee Sanders having been only the third woman and the first mother in history to hold the position.

The far-left Lincoln Project, who normally deals in completely rewriting American history, briefly tweeted out that McEnany was the first “ghoul” to serve as press secretary.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

McEnany is only the fifth woman ever to hold her position, albeit the third during the Trump administration. The Lincoln Project earlier on Wednesday slammed a conservative writer for “attacking strong, intelligent women as silly and stupid.”

This marks the second time in as many days the group has deleted a tweet. On Monday, it disseminated a viral falsehood that an RNC audience member directed a racial slur at former President Barack Obama. Though the audio clearly showed a man yelled “Spygate,” the group accused him of yelling “monkey” and said Trump relished in the insult.

Founded by former and current Republicans who oppose Trump, the Lincoln Project has drawn criticism for stealing content from other online creators and funneling donations to its board members’ own firms.