Former U.S. Marshals Director Reveals The Truth About What Will Happen If You Defund Police; Liberals Refuse To Listen

(Tea Party 247) – For months on end now, we’ve been watching Black Lives Matter protesters on the evening news burning down businesses and destroying entire neighborhoods in a bid to fight against the evils of police brutality. This, of course, makes little to no sense, seeing as how adding to the crime rate doesn’t address the real issue, nor does it work to change hearts and minds and help others see the world the way you do.

If a cause is legitimate, surely it shouldn’t be difficult to protest peacefully, to seek to create content that will be posted to social media to help people see what’s really happening in the world that you want to change? Right?

Well, along with this violent rioting and looting, we’ve also seen BLM activists push for defunding the police, caring little for the fact minority neighborhoods would then have to go without adequate police protection as a result.

Breitbart News released a report discussing how Stacia Hylton, former director of the U.S. Marshals Service, explained this push to reduce funding for law enforcement agencies and what it would mean for communities if it were to become successful.

It isn’t pretty.

Hylton spoke with Breitbart News Daily, a radio program on SiriusXM, telling Alex Marlow that when folks start censoring themselves, especially about political matters, it stops folks from being able to engage in meaningful, productive talks that help them learn to understand each other and provide real solutions to the social and economic issues facing the country.

“I think people are getting very conflicted in a moment where we’ve developed these racial tensions,” the former U.S. Marshals Director said. “They’re getting very conflicted on whether to speak or not speak because they’re going to get identified as left or right, so to speak, instead of what’s right or what’s wrong.”

Hylton went on to tell Marlow, “I think that political charge behind this — which is a dynamic that’s kind of been creating this divide — it’s kind of forcing people to be quiet, you know. And I think that we have to be better than that. What I’d loved to be able to say is, ‘We need to have the race equality conversation.’”

“We need to talk about ensuring that police officers know how to de-escalate a situation. We need to talk about how we can have better funding for community policing and the real social problems as it gets down to opioids and drugs because it’s really a social-economic problem. How do we create jobs for disenfranchised areas?” Hylton stated.

As the former director for a major law enforcement agency, Hylton has tons of experience dealing with organized crime and gang activity, which she stated would be the ones who benefited most from a lack of solid, effective policy measures that address the socio-economic issues that arise within a society that is fearful to have open, frank political discussions.

“There’s such a big political platform discussion that we can no longer have, unfortunately, and it’s getting lost,” Hylton noted. “And then what’s happening is opportunists are taking advantage of this and they are escalating it intentionally.”

Hylton also discussed how defunding the police would lead directly into the degradation of the rule of law, saying, “Understand how precious our rule of law is. Visit a country that has no rule of law and look at the organized crime that’s in there. These opportunists form organized crime, gangs, that element just looks for these opportunities to take advantage of vulnerable people and vulnerable situations. That’s what we don’t want to happen.”

“The people that live in these communities that are gang-riddled [and] are opioid infested. They don’t want to lose the police. At the same time, they don’t want to appear to their own racial group that they’re not supporting the cause to have a voice and that is what’s getting mixed here,” she continued.

Hylton cautioned that we as a nation have to be cautious not to end up like Mexico or other countries that have no rule of law, where “organized crime will come in and seize the moment.”

Just look at all of the awful things that drug cartels have done to Mexico. That can happen here too if we defund the police. Is that really what we want for our future?

Hylton also acknowledged that it’s hard for kids growing up to want to be involved in law enforcement these days since politicians and political campaigns are doing nothing but slamming and criticizing cops, leading a lack of individuals wanting to serve their communities in this capacity.

“I fear that young men and women will no longer want to go into law enforcement and serve, and that is very disheartening to me because I truly believe it’s in your DNA and a call,” the former director remarked. “I think there will be some very conflicted individuals that think, ‘I don’t know if I want to go into law enforcement, any longer,’ and that will have a downstream impact on all of us.”

Hylton could not be more on the money. If we truly value our liberty, we have to be able to defend it from those who wish to take it away. That doesn’t just cover tyrants in the government, but criminals on the streets as well.

Police officers help us control the flow of wickedness in our communities and protect our lives and property from those who wish to take them or do them harm. These are individuals that should be celebrated and built up, while those who profane the profession are punished and held accountable for their actions.

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