Guess What Happened To This Vermont Principal Who Had The Audacity To Politely Explain How She Feels About Far-Left Black Lives Matter?

(Tea Party 247) – A principal in Vermont described by school board members has having had a “meaningful and positive impact” has been placed on administrative leave by the same board members for issuing a mild criticism of Black Lives Matter on Facebook.

Welcome to 2020, folks.

Buckle up.

BizPac Review explains:

In a letter to parents and staff, members of the Mt. Ascutney School Board in Windsor, Vt., said they were “uniformly appalled” by a recent Facebook post from Principal Tiffany Riley, in which she expressed her support for BLM but with some caveats.

“I firmly believe that Black Lives Matter, but I DO NOT agree with the coercive measures taken to get to this point across; some of which are falsified in an attempt to prove a point,” Riley wrote, as the school board’s letter noted.

“While I want to get behind BLM, I do not think people should be made to feel they have to choose black race over human race. While I understand the urgency to feel compelled to advocate for black lives, what about our fellow law enforcement?” Riley wrote, on behalf of herself, not as principal of Mt. Ascutney.

“What about all others who advocate for and demand equity for all? Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist [sic],” the post concluded.

The board, who are apparently completely willing to fall in lockstep with the left’s campaign to dominate the national conversation on race, wasn’t buying it.

They flipped.

“The ignorance, prejudice, and lack of judgement in these statements are utterly contrary to the values we espouse as a school board and district. However, these statements were not alone,” the board wrote in a pearl-clutching statement.

“They were followed later by a follow up Facebook post, which acknowledged no culpability, expressed no specific contrition or empathy, and showed no humility. Because of this glaring miscomprehension of the situation, we feel unanimously that Ms. Riley’s continued role as our school leader damages the school and its students,” said the letter.

The board members went on to point out that because their own school is not racial diverse, it can be “easy to forget or to be unconscious of the racial inequities that exist in the form of White Privilege in our community and our state.”

So, basically, you’re not allowed to disagree with Black Lives Matter if you’re white, regardless of the stated goals and executed tactics of the hyper-ideological group.

Is it me, or is that super, duper racist?

By “not acknowledging our White Advantage,” the letter continued, then “we are not attempting to provide our minority students an equal opportunity for education.”

“Although we recognize Ms. Riley’s meaningful and positive impact on Windsor School, we have voted unanimously to place Ms. Riley on paid leave, effective immediately, and we are resolved that she will no longer lead our school,” the letter concluded.