Guess Who Owns Leftist Rag That Published Trump’s Alleged Comments On Veterans?

(Tea Party 247) – This week, The Atlantic’s website published a quickly debunked hit piece on President Donald Trump, which claimed, incredulously, that POTUS had made disparaging remarks about US veterans back in 2018.

…WWI veterans.

If he was actually going to insult veterans, which is hard to believe on its own considering how clearly he loves our men and women in uniform, don’t you think he would insult someone a little more current?

As The Gateway Pundit notes:

President Trump has done more for the US military than any president in decades. Trump is also the first president in decades who DID NOT start any new wars or send American soldiers into conflict with unwinnable and dangerous restrictions.

The garbage hit piece also comes as President Trump continues to surge in the polls following the amazing RNC convention and the continued leftist riots across the country.

The liberal media and FOX News have been pushing this article that is based entirely on alleged anonymous sources.

The hit piece was immediately debunked.

Well, TGP notes, The Atlantic was purchased recently by one Laurene Powell Jobs, a prominent progressive and Joe Biden mega-donor.

You don’t say?

By the way, former Obama staffer Ben Rhodes is also on staff.

Goldberg, who published the unsourced “scoop,” is, according to The Gateway Pundit, “considered the unofficial stenographer of Obama.”

Clearly, Biden needs all the help he can get from the left because he’s running (well, his handlers are running) a terrible campaign that is repellent to voters and wrong on every single issue. Just like he’s been his entire career.

The polls are speaking loudly and clearly, and the Biden camp is punishing.

This likely isn’t the last time that they’ll go for the throat…it’s only going to get worse, and crazier.