Harvard Poll Showing Chinese Citizens Overwhelmingly Support CCP Has Very, Very Dirty Secret

(Tea Party 247) – China is a dictatorial communist country.

There are no two ways about it.

The nation is ruled by a single party, the Chinese Communist Party, which suppresses free speech, places dissenters and religious minorities in labor camps, where they have even been known to force abortions.

Social media is seriously restricted, censored, and monitored.

The country even has a chilling, Orwellian “social credit” system in which citizens can be restricted from traveling and making purchases based on various missteps monitored by mass surveillance.

The country is anything but free, and there are plenty of Chinese expats who can attest to this.

The very chilling thing, however, is that there are also plenty of Westerners who have happily committed to pulling water for the Communist Chinese.

Two of the most influential entities to take such a stance towards the distinctly oppressive world power include the American Democrat party and a number of higher learning institutions, including Harvard University.

The time-honored Ivy League institution recently conducted a survey of Chinese citizens and their approval of the one-party state that rules over them which failed to mention polling was conducted by a former official of the CCP.

Um, that’s sort of a big omission, don’t you think?

Just the News reports:

A recently published Harvard University poll found that 93% of Chinese citizens support their government, a figure which Beijing is now touting.

However, the poll was run by a company, Horizon Research Consultancy Group, that is led by a former Chinese government official, a fact which Harvard failed to acknowledge in its report of the results, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The study found that during a 13-year period, public approval for all levels of Chinese government has improved.

Dean Cheng, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says any company based in China is effectively supervised by the Chinese Communist Party and therefore not able to operate independently or in opposition to the government.

Horizon Research is run and was founded by Yuan Yue, a former Chinese Ministry of Justice official.

They also note that “Harvard has acknowledged receipt of at least $74 million in donations from China since 2014.”