Health Experts Find Themselves On President Trump’s Bad Side As Pandemic Continues To Drag On

(Tea Party 247) – This year has been one of the longest ones in what seems like the history of the world, though that is obviously nothing more than a matter of perspective. Past generations have had much worse trials and tribulations to endure and did just fine.

However, the coronavirus pandemic, which has been going on since around March in the United States, seems to be going on and on with no end in sight. Many areas across the country are still in lockdown mode. Businesses are permanently shutting their doors due to the overbearing mandates put out by liberal leaders in their communities and states. The economy is horrible, though its beginning to bounce back the more places open back up.

All of this — combined with the mental toll of isolation — is making people frustrated, including President Donald Trump who is currently none too happy with health experts.

The most frustrating aspect of the whole thing, for both the president and for us, is the constant barrage of conflicting information that is published on a daily basis. Reports often contradict each other and leave us confused with how we should proceed with getting back to normal.

Here’s more information on this from Newsmax:

President Donald Trump is growing frustrated with some of the nation’s top public health experts, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield, over their conflicting views on the coronavirus pandemic.

CNN reported that as Trump tries to portray a positive spin on the pandemic, Redfield and other public health officials are delivering messaging that some see is more realistic. That includes updates about the development of a vaccine — Trump has predicted that one will be available before Election Day (Nov. 3), while health officials have said that may not be a realistic goal.

Department of Health and Human Services official Michael Caputo — a Trump supporter who did work for his 2016 campaign — recently said there are people within the CDC trying to undermine Trump and are part of a “deep state” campaign against him.

Redfield addressed the remarks during Senate testimony this week: “I want to add how disappointed I have been personally when people at HHS made comments that they felt that there was a ‘deep state’ down at CDC.

“These are dedicated men and women that are confronting the greatest public health crisis of our time, working 24/7, over 6,700 of them involved in the outbreak itself, 1,200 deploying, and it’s offensive to me when I hear this type of comment.”

Redfield has made remarks about the vaccine development in recent weeks, which Trump responded to by saying he was wrong and misinformed. Some say the back and forth is hurting morale within the CDC as experts there work on slowing the pandemic.

“The morale is as low as I’ve ever seen it and we have no confidence in our leadership,” a CDC official told CNN. “People are miserable and it’s a shame because this pandemic is still flying away and we still need a robust public health response.”

Closer to Trump, CNN reported, two key members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force — Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx — are struggling with how to deal with Trump’s coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, who sides with the president on how to handle the pandemic.

Is it just completely impossible for some real, non-politically motivated scientists to get on the ball and study this illness and help us have accurate information that we can then use to make our own decisions about how we can individually handle it, rather than waiting for people like Fauci and Birx to get a fix on this?

It seems those two have political agendas they want to push, even seeming to want this mess to continue on and on for infinite.

Every single time a breakthrough is made, Fauci is there to rip it to shreds and rain on the parade, even if his conclusions aren’t nearly as solid as the breakthrough itself.

I think most people have had about enough of him.