Here’s What Sister Of Alleged Portland Antifa Killer Had To Say About Her Brother’s Death

(Tea Party 247) – Michael Reinoehl (pictured above), the man suspected of shooting dead a Trump-supporting Patriot Prayer member last week, was himself shot dead by the police after he pulled out a gun while they were attempting to arrest him. While Antifa has lifted Reinoehl up as some kind of hero those closest to him don’t seem to be mourning his death. Perhaps that speaks to Reinoehl’s character, perhaps not, nonetheless it’s quite telling that his own sister, April Reinoehl spoke to Daily and said she doesn’t consider the news of his death as bad news.

Here’s the Daily Mail with more:

Reinoehl was shot by US Marshals in Lacey, Washington after becoming the target of a Portland police murder investigation over the death of a right wing protester Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson in the Oregon city last Saturday.

His school teacher sister learned of her brother’s death when she was contacted by

In an emotional phone call, the sister of the alleged murderer and Antifa member said she was already bracing herself for the news of his death – but believed it would be at the hands of the right wing group Patriot Prayer, whose member he allegedly shot dead at a protest last week.

‘I wouldn’t say at this point that this counts as bad news. It’s just more news,’ Reinoehl’s sister said.

‘Honestly I didn’t expect it to be the police, I expected it to be the people who had a contract out for him. I was expecting the angry population of people who were out for blood.’

The bereaved sister said she was worried her brother would become a martyr and an excuse for more violence after the reported police killing.

‘Now we’ve got two martyrs. That’s how the two opposing sides are going to want to spin it,’ she said.

‘Hatred begets hatred. Anybody who saw him, in their eyes, standing up for the plight of the black people, being killed by a police officer, this is going to validate their feelings in their minds of all the anger that they have – whether or not it’s correct or righteous.’

Except it won’t inspire more violence because, despite Reinoehl supposedly fighting for the “plight of the black people,” he wasn’t himself black and nobody cares about dead white people, remember? BLACK Lives Matter. It’s a fantasy to think that this incident is going to spark more violence.

Antifa just views Reinoehl as a doing his part to atone for his whiteness by sacrificing his life for the “cause.” It makes no difference that it was the police who shot him either. Police, despite what the leftist media would have us believe, shoot white people too. It’s just the media doesn’t care and it does nothing to further the left’s radical agenda.

Antifa group Salish Coast Antifa tweeted, “REST IN POWER Michael Forest Reinoehl” in an effort to appear to care. The truth is, they don’t.

The Daily Mail continues:

April told she believed her brother would have tried to fight with federal officers sent to catch him fleeing to the small town 120 miles north of Portland.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he reacted badly to a situation just like he reacted badly to the situation at the riots,’ April said.

‘He always acted impulsively letting the worst emotions guide his actions, and then he’d try to rationalize afterwards. 

‘So I’m not surprised he got himself killed. I’m surprised a police officer did it.’ 

April continued: ‘I’m relieved and also disappointed by that. 

‘At least it wasn’t vigilante justice that got him, because I think that would actually be worse. It would feed the violence a lot more.

‘But at the same time the nationwide dispute is very highly black people versus officers, and now you have a member of Antifa killed by an officer. So I can imagine things are going to get worse again.’

It’s almost as if April wants her brother’s death to be some kind of tipping point in US racial tensions. Make no mistake about it, the violence will continue but not because of Michael Reinoehl. The violence will continue because the election isn’t until November and maintaining violence and chaos is part of the left’s plan to bring down President Trump.