Here’s Why Joe Biden’s America Will Be Catastrophic For Americans

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is a puppet. That’s why he stays locked inside of his basement with limited contact to the outside world. When he does manage to make an appearance on TV it’s usually always abysmal as he ends up rambling incoherently. The sad reality is that Biden is being controlled by the radical left and if he somehow manages to win the election in November, Biden’s America as we know it will be officially gone.

As Real Clear Politics reports, Joe Biden’s America will consist of US Immigration law being relinquished to multinational criminal cartels in which would-be migrants will be forced to hand themselves over to dangerous human smuggling organizations. These criminal enterprises regularly rape, murder, and abuse those they are paid to smuggle into the US. Joe Biden’s administration will only benefit these organizations while law abiding US citizens pay the price.

Real Clear Politics gives the rundown on these assertions:

On July 8, his campaign rolled out the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations.” This 110-page document details the presumptive Democratic nominee’s overall vision for America, including immigration.

Biden’s immigration plan calls for the elimination of any pretense of immigration enforcement, which is exactly what the radical left wants.

In his plan, Biden somehow equates enforcement of immigration laws with “systemic racism.” He declares that enforcement will not be allowed at or near schools, any commuting route to a school, any house of worship, health care facility, “benefits office,” state motor vehicle department, or courthouse. And that’s just the start. Biden would also disallow enforcement at any “workplace” and anywhere he considers a “community.” ICE, as an organization, would effectively be eliminated. Biden’s message to officers will be clear: Don’t enforce the law, period! And this is no exaggeration.

To make sure immigration laws aren’t accidently enforced by a third-party law enforcement agency — for instance, if local police officers catch an illegal alien committing other crimes — Biden will stop all cooperation between federal agencies, including the Border Patrol, and state and local law enforcement. No community will be spared from this lawlessness. And like a bad infomercial, it doesn’t stop there.

Biden proposes a complete moratorium on removing illegal aliens — in the middle of a global pandemic, no less — opening the floodgates to illegal immigration on a colossal scale that would completely overwhelm the U.S. health care system.

That’s because Biden wants to provide “free” government health care for illegal aliens — which would not only impose a massive burden on our hospitals, but would also serve as a magnet for limitless numbers of would-be illegal aliens around the world.

Biden supports sanctuary cities, too, meaning he supports letting dangerous criminal aliens run loose in the cities and towns where innocent families live.

Biden proposes “investments” in “community-based alternatives to detention” for illegal aliens. That is code for spending lots of taxpayer money to make life as easy as possible for those who violate our immigration laws and then reside in the country illegally. He thinks detention is fine for Americans who break other laws, but illegal aliens must be treated better than Americans. Biden’s plan calls for tougher laws for U.S. citizens…and virtually no laws for illegal aliens.

Biden wants to literally give millions of dollars to citizens of other countries to help them in living as easy and comfortably here in the US as possible. Guess who gets to foot the bill for that? You and I and every other American citizen. You might as well say good-bye to Social Security now. If Joe Biden becomes president he will likely do away with anything that supports actual Americans in favor of spending as much as possible in giving illegal aliens a free ride.

States are telling residents not to travel to other states right now amid the “pandemic” and if people do travel there are 14-day “self-quarantine” periods required in many states. So, Americans are being told not to travel freely, despite it being a Constitutional right, while illegal immigrants are encouraged to flood our borders and celebrated for the “diversity” they bring. Leftist “concern” for our health and safety is all a sham and this should be proof enough.

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