Huge: Case In UK Uncovers Explosive New Details Of FBI Abuse In Russia Probe

(Tea Party 247) – It’s all coming out.

And it has been for some time.

But the left has a heck of a lot going on to distract you, doesn’t it?

It’s almost as if all the hype, hysteria, and widespread unrest are deliberately meant to cover up for the fact that the full extent of the Obamagate corruption has been quite crudely shoved out in the open over recent months, but hardly anyone is paying attention.

Not to mention, there is a general election coming up in which the presumed Democratic candidate could easily be destroyed by everything coming out, considering he served in the presidential administration in question.


WND reports:

A British judge’s ruling against former FBI source Christopher Steele, ordering him to pay damages to two Russian businessmen he maligned, produced new incontrovertible evidence that bolsters Justice Department’s probe of the Obama administration’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The case disclosed the FBI knew immediately that the dossier it used to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and did not diclose that fact, Just the News reported.

Further, it found officials at the State Department where Hillary Clinton had served as secretary of state helped Steele bring the dossier to the attention of the Obama administration.

U.S. Attorney John Durham has convened a grand jury to consider charges in his criminal investigation.

According to Just the News, British Justice Mark Warby was clear that Steele had disclosed in his own notes that he told his handlers at the FBI “from the get-go that the dossier’s ‘ultimate client were (sic) the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign.'”

According to evidence in the case, Steele knew that the FBI officer that he had met with had cleared his lines with the Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, a close associate of Clinton.

Then, when after Trump’s November 2016 victory, Steele disclosed that he’d given copies of his now-notorious dossier to Strobe Talbot, a longtime friend of the Clintons, in the hopes it would be conveyed to the upper reaches of the State Department.

Steele openly admitted to having leaked information to reporters and also admitted in court that he had done little to verify any information in the dossier.

Warby rebuked Steele for passing along unverified information having found five factually inaccurate and unverified statements in a single part of the dossier.

The Durham investigation is said to target several former top officials, including former CIA Director John Brennan, who has long been believed to be the chief architect of the Obamagate plot.